The following is an excerpt from the “2D, 3D and AR for the Industrial Enterprise” session presented by Marc Schuetz and Chris Baldwin from ThingWorx at LiveWorx 17.  The presentation PDF can be downloaded here, and the audio file is here.

Studio helps organizations create compelling Augmented Reality and mobile experiences in an easy-to-use authoring tool. It offers a composite view of digital and physical product data, dashboards, and alerts presented in 2D, 3D, and AR - without the need to write code.

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How Do People Engage?

When thinking about AR applications, first consider how people are engaging with information to make better decisions, and how does that information need to be presented?  Where are users located, and how does that impact the information delivery?

  1. Desktop - Purchasing Agent - Monitors the factory and orders parts for the next month
  2. Mobile - Supervisor - Oversees manufacturing line status and knows a machine needs repair 
  3. Eyewear - Service Tech - Replaces the part and verifies it works to avoid downtime

Incorporate Augmented Reality into IoT Strategy

Content creators can build experiences for desktop, mobile and eyewear users in just minutes via ThingWorx Studio, and can take advantage of existing 3D assets created with leading CAD tools. By incorporating augmented reality into their IoT strategy, enterprises can improve service, customer experiences, operations, and the engineering and manufacturing of products.

Learn more about creating Mashups, Widgets, Experiences and more in ThingWorx Studio by reading the presentation PDF here, and listening to the the audio file here.

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