New to  LiveWorx 17 is an Educational Track dedicated to the Healthcare and Medical Devices industry.  It’s your one-stop-shop for technical training and education, along with exciting demos and access to hands-on experiences in the Xtropolis Expo Hall

Experts from Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, Medtronic, Novartis, Philips Health Care, Stryker and more will be presenting on a variety of tech topics.  Here’s a dose of just some of the Healthcare & Medical Devices sessions on tap:

How We’re Taking Care of Healthcare
Tuesday, May 23, 9:30-10:15am

Medical device manufacturing companies are facing fierce competition and a wealth of opportunities to participate in the connected healthcare marketplace. At the same time, advanced technology inherent in medical devices requires all aspects of the system-including mechanics, electronics, software, and hardware-to be carefully controlled throughout the product's development. Learn about PTC's current offerings and future plans to deliver both platform-based and purpose-built solutions tailored to the unique needs of medical device manufacturers.

Getting Ready for the European Union (EU) Medical Device Regulation (MDR)
Tuesday, May 23, 11:30am-12:15pm

This session will review big changes that are coming for medical device manufacturers if they want to sell products into the European Union. The most significant changes in the proposed regulation include Product Scope Expansion, More Stringent Clinical Evidence, Identification of “Qualified Person”, Implementation of EU Unique Device Identification (UDI), Rigorous Post-Market Oversight and Specifications.

Medical Device Innovator’s Customer Panel
Tuesday, May 23, 3:15-4:00pm

Hear from representatives from five leading health care and medical device manufacturers in an engaging and highly interactive session. Moderated by industry analysts Dan Matlis and Sandra Rodriguez of Axendia, this panel discussion will explore real-world strategies for addressing common technology challenges in the health care industry. Panelists from Alcon/Novartis, Roche, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, and Stryker bring diverse expertise spanning service, quality, software engineering and R&D domains. Bring your questions – and share your insights!

How IoT Is Making People Feel Better
Wednesday, May 24, 8:00-8:15am

Advancements in next-generation medical sensor technology are improving patient care and quality of life by leveraging cloud-based data analytics. Using cloud-based IoT analytics, companies are able to better focus on improving their telehealth applications and overall patient experience rather than simple data plumbing.

Code Blue:  Rethinking Security for Clinical Environments
Wednesday, May 24, 10:15-11:00am

In this panel discussion, Chip Block and a panel of experts will talk about efforts to secure medical devices and clinical environments from external and internal threats. Among other things, this panel will profile Docbox, one solution that seeks to create a common platform for securely connecting medical devices within clinical environments.

The Lab of the Future, Today: IoT Success in Life Science R&D
Thursday, May 25, 10:30 -11: 15am

This session delves into some compelling customer use cases: 1) With new data analytics, a lab ops team found a way to decrease capital equipment budget by 10% and servicing by 13% for ROI of 29x within 3 months. 2) By using cloud-connectivity, a $3M experiment was saved - and resulted in a life-saving drug getting to market faster.

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