A new industrial 3D-printing extruder technology - designed to greatly increase the output and quality of high-resolution printed polymers and decrease postproduction time and costs – is set to take additive manufacturing of large parts, machine tools and molds to the next level.

But, additive manufacturing isn’t just an emerging technology. It’s a tool of business transformation. Manufacturers, parts and service providers, warehouse systems, importers and exporters, repair services, and others need to plan now for the future.

ASME is hosting an Additive Manufacturing Leadership Forum at LiveWorx on June 19 where Boeing, Local Motors, US Marine Corps, Stratasys, Penn State, UPS, GE Ventures, PTC, Imperial Machine & Tool Co., Stryker and paperlessPARTS will share reveal how their operational models are being rethought by additive manufacturing and how they are enabling the transformation.

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