Guest post by LiveWorx Sponsor Simerics, Inc, Rich Moore, Vice President Strategy

Creo Parametric speaks associativity, meaning if you change the CAD model everything else associated with the 3D solid updates.  What if you add CFD physics to this association and add IoT to this association as well?  Well, you might get millions of engineers and designers using all three together. 

Why don’t more CAD users use CFD?  Fluids and Heat are in just about every single product being made today, so why is it that only about 100,000 engineers out of 5 million engineers and designers use CFD simulation today?  The answer is, there hasn’t been high end CFD physics associated with CAD.  At LiveWorx 17, PTC and Simerics, Inc demonstrated associating Creo with CreoCFD for the first time and there were many OMG emojis transmitting around the Boston Seaport from cell phone to cell phone! Fluids and Heat combined with the CAD model, so if you changed one, the other one updates. 

At LiveWorx 18, we will add and demonstrate ThingWorx to this association, meaning for the first time the critical knowledge of how the real product works will associate with the fluids volume model that is modeling CFD physics that associates with the CAD model.  Physical world meets digital fluids and digital CAD.  Is the fluids association the transition or connector to the digital physical convergence?  CFD has been predominantly used by PHD called simulation Analyst.  Analysts do a really good job and will forever.  The problem is they don’t know how to use Parametric CAD.  It is like the geometry students became engineers and designers using CAD and the algebra and math students became Analysts using high-end CFD simulation software.

Analysts are too busy with physics to learn CAD and this is an obstacle to the digital physical convergence.  By associating CAD with Fluids simulated by Engineers and Designers and associating CAD and Fluids with the real products working we can now add the third association, the physical products.  Now the convergence will happen faster.  Is this a triple play?  No, this is an associative play for Digital CAD, Digital Fluids and Real Things!  This one associative thing will be demonstrated at LiveWorx 18.

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