Companies don’t invest in Windchill so they can execute lengthy, complicated, expensive data migration projects. They invest in Windchill so they can realize the benefits of a well-executed PLM strategy. However, the lynchpin of a good Windchill deployment is getting accurate data into Windchill…and the faster it happens, the faster a company can move on their PLM strategy.

Fishbowl Solutions has worked with numerous customers on enterprise data migration projects over the years. When many companies first deploy Windchill their migration projects are dealing with CAD data and documents. Manually loading CAD data is far too time consuming. As mentioned, these activities are vital to success, but why waste valuable engineering resources that can be better utilized on engineering work.

Fishbowl Solutions has the LinkLoader family of apps that automate the loading of files/data into Windchill PDMLink. When it comes to CAD data and documents, the files might be on the network file system (NFS) or from 3rd party PDM, such as EPDM or PDMWorks. In fact, migrating Solidworks into Windchill PDMLink is probably the busiest I have ever seen.

Please note that Fishbowl can do a lot more than just migrate Solidworks from the file system, but hopefully this gives a little detail to some types of projects.

LinkLoader for Solidworks Data

LinkLoader for Solidworks automates the Solidworks data loading into PDMLink from a file system. The software performs a duplicate name check as a first step. Following this first step LinkLoader performs a validation step to insure the integrity of the Solidworks files. These operations are to determine (and track) any file references and it also extracts parameter data if desired. (Note: LinkLoader supports the same external reference functionality that the PTC workgroup manager supports. LinkLoader will create the reference links as part of the bulk load process.)

Before loading the files, customers need to confirm and/modify the attribute mapping file as desired. Since LinkLoader outputs parameter information during the validation that is a good starting point. However, customers can modify as desired because it is a basic text file. The only required fields for mapping are lifecycle, revision/version, and folder location to load into Windchill.

Fishbowl Solutions has seen firsthand the problems that manual loading data into Windchill can cause. The effort and time needed for such migrations can vary, but in most cases will take time away from engineers to complete such non value-add tasks. Instead, we have developed a proven process and software applications like LinkLoader to migrate data from a variety of sources, including competing PDM/PLM systems, into Windchill. Through our combined software and services, we are able to optimize and automate the migration process and minimize engineering downtime.

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About Fishbowl Solutions

Fishbowl Solutions has been a PTC Software Partner since our inception in 1999. Our partnership provides access to PTC product APIs, training, and support. Our team has decades of experience working with PTC technology. We provide a full suite of professional services centered on the PTC product set. We offer both add-on products and customizations for PTC Windchill, Creo, and ThingWorx Navigate. We are also a PTC Vuforia reseller. We have the experience and expertise to recommend the right mix of solutions and services for your next project.

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