Laura Proctor, instructor for the 4-hour Kepware crash course “Introduction to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Kepware” at LiveWorx 18, discusses the class and key take-aways. Please review the course description here. It is intended for all learners with no prerequisites or coding experience required.

If you've been curious about how 20-year old devices can communicate in the Industrial Internet of Things, this is the course for you! This interactive and hands-on course starts with an overview of traditional industrial control systems (ICS), the assets you find in this setting, and the traditional visual management systems that display your data using the ISA-95 Standard as a framework.

This is a great opportunity to learn from experts about automated Industrial Control Systems (ICS) for the factory (or field) and how KEPServerEX fits in. When it comes to industrial control, the factory is undergoing a massive revolution because so many new devices and technologies are really taking off.

Kepware Quick Client

With all this new tech, you may ask:

  • Where is all the data coming from and how is it tied together in a cohesive system?
  • What is asset management and how are companies implementing Industrial IoT strategies?
  • How do KEPServerEX and ThingWorx add value in this environment?

If you’ve been curious about industrial communication protocols and want to learn about them in an easily digestible and hands-on way, come to this training! All are welcome – there are no technical prerequisites. We will dig into using KEPServerEX to connect with disparate devices and then show how you can send that data on to ThingWorx.

The course will feature several hands-on self-guided exercises, hands-on follow-along demonstrations, discussions, and lectures. Register for LiveWorx today to secure your spot and come prepared to learn!

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