Manufacturing teams are all striving for continuous improvement — more output, better quality, lower costs, increased flexibility and agility, etc. There is a global wave of digital transformation in manufacturing, commonly referred to Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution. Attend LiveWorx to learn from industry leaders on how revolutionize the factory floor and excel in the globally competitive manufacturing environment. Below is a sampling of the content you'll find in the Industry 4.0 (Digital Manufacturing) Track this year:

The Art of Starting Small: Why Failing Fast May No Longer Be An Option
Richard Bradley, Director - Digital Supply Chain, Deloitte Consulting SA
As organizations test out new capabilities, they often begin with small pilots to prove the business case for a large technological investment. However, it can be challenging to scale those pilots to an enterprise level. Indeed, it’s not enough simply to pilot; failing to scale successful programs leaves significant opportunities untapped. Business leaders don’t always have to find themselves navigating uncharted territory anymore. Many DSN (Digital Supply Network) applications that were once considered bold leaps of faith have evolved into standard capabilities. Leveraging proven business cases into enterprise-wide solutions can allow leaders to create a more informed, targeted path for their own evolution – and provide a roadmap to scaling that doesn’t have to involve failure. On the other hand, identifying which innovations are truly unproven may help leaders understand how – and when – to invoke a more traditional approach to piloting, learning, and scaling.

Managing your Smart Factory
Makarand Damle, Head, Digital Manufacturing, KPIT Technologies
In today’s global and distributed manufacturing environment, everyone from the COO to plant managers to production supervisors to maintenance managers have their own KPIs to manage. Given the pace of business, it is imperative that these KPIs are monitored in real time. A Smart Factory enables a real-time, touchless, integrated and contextualized view of enterprise data from systems such as ERP, MES, PLM, BMS, CRM through an IoT platform. This enables users to improve productivity, utilization, and quality. Join us to see how PTC and Rockwell are making Smart Factories a reality.

5G for Smart Wireless Manufacturing and AR Mass Adoption
Erik Josefsson, Vice President, Head of Advanced Industries, Ericsson
Industry 4.0 is gaining adoption at the same time as 5G is about to ramp up. 5G technologies provide the network characteristics essential for manufacturing. Low latency and high reliability are needed to support critical applications. High bandwidth and connection density ensure ubiquitous connectivity. These are requirements that manufacturers currently rely on for fixed-line networks. Mobile 5G technology will allow for higher flexibility, lower cost, and shorter lead times for factory floor production reconfiguration, layout changes, and alterations. With AR and VR already gaining growing momentum, 5G connectivity will open the floodgates of mass adoption, enabling the use of AR at full capacity. The Ericsson and PTC collaboration supports rapid innovation in manufacturing. Together, we can make industrial sites wireless and enable full digitalization with rapid introduction of AR and other applications.

Introducing //mConnect, An Integration Component to Bring Your PI Server and Your ThingWorx Platform to the Next Level
Rejean Ouellet, Principal Architect Solution and Practice Leader, Matricis
//mConnect is an integration component to connect ThingWorx and OSIsoft PI Server, or other technologies. With //mConnect, organizations can quickly transform existing data into valuable information and accelerate IIoT adoption. This session will cover secure deployment and configuration, wrapping and extending existing OT systems, and innovation through the ThingWorx platform. We will discuss the use of ThingWorx Analytics as a standard AI platform for the OSIsoft PI Server system.

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