Advances in AI & Robotics are changing the way people work. LiveWorx 19 brings together dozens of thought leaders in this cutting-edge industry. Below is a sampling of sessions included in the AI & Robotics educational track:

Fear Not the Bot: 21 Jobs of the Future That Will Require Human Skills & Sensibilities
Ben Pring, Co-founder and Managing Director for Cognizant Technology’s Center for the Future of Work
The rising tide of AI and automation has sparked fears of a jobless future. The Cognizant Center for the Future of Work estimates that approximately 21 million new jobs will be created in the next decade by augmenting human skills and sensibilities with emerging forms of artificial intelligence and automation. Many of these jobs will provide meaningful work and living wages for those willing to re-imagine the future and re-skill to tap into a world of new opportunities. Learn how organizations can balance automation with passion, empathy and creative energy that only humans can bring to the workplace.

The Collective Workflow: The Benefits of Human and Robot Integration
Vered Tomlak, Marketing Manager, Vecna Robotics
Autonomous solutions seem like a radical concept, but they will give you and your employees significant short and long-term advantages. These systems learn as they work - getting smarter over time to continuously improve. This constant cycle of learning allows companies to remain relevant as markets change, stay flexible as consumer expectations increase, and achieve financial benefits today and tomorrow. This new technology also frees employees from uninspiring, repetitive work that is both physically and mentally dangerous, while producing new more empowering roles that will lead to a better quality of life.

Artificial Intelligence Strategy: Digital Transformation Through Deep Learning
Chris Benson, Chief Strategist, Artificial Intelligence, Lockheed Martin
Digital transformation - the re-imagining of business models to place technology at their core - is the strategic imperative sweeping through every industry on the planet right now. The accelerating advancement of emerging tech is rendering existing business models obsolete. Digital transformation is itself being disrupted and transformed by the commoditization and accessibility of artificial intelligence, realized in the form of deep learning. Deep learning will fundamentally change every industry on the planet, and will drive AI-enabled digital transformation for years to come. Success requires an AI strategy that can accommodate business drivers, data engineering, model architecture, enterprise infrastructure, service integration, and innovative human-to-AI interfaces. This session will explore AI strategy to power digital transformation, its inherent logistics, and will help you to discover how digital transformation can be realized by integrating deep learning into a modern enterprise architecture.

The Intersection of Computer Vision & Machine Learning
Kesha Williams, Software Engineering Manager, Chick-fil-A
Minority Report was a 2002 science fiction film based in 2054 where police officers apprehended criminals based on predictions and foreknowledge. We are not in 2054 but fast-forward to 2019, we are now closer than ever before to the world imagined in Minority Report. Computer Vision (CV) is a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows machines to analyze images to determine location, facial expressions, human action, and even identity. Machine Learning (ML) is a type of AI that provides computers with the ability to learn and make predictions based on a given data set. ML for all intents and purposes is foreknowledge. When vision is combined with foreknowledge, a machine exists that goes far beyond what was imagined in Minority Report. During this talk, we will discuss CV, ML, and dive deep with technical examples that show how to combine the two to generate predictions. The session also discusses the moral and ethical obligations of developers today when building AI systems.

These are just a handful of sessions available in the AI & Robotics Track, be sure to browse the Session Catalog as new content is continually being added!

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