Guest post from LiveWorx Sponsor Anark Corporation Co-Founder & CEO Stephen Collins

Combining PLM, ERP and IOT Data to Power a Connected, Visually Collaborative Digital Thread

As manufacturers across all sectors come under increasing pressure to improve quality, reduce waste, comply with regulations and satisfy demanding customers, a growing number are benefiting from a highly effective approach that delivers a connected, visually collaborative Digital Thread.

Anark Digital Thread 1

Digital Thread & The Model Based Enterprise

Digital Thread is a communication framework that allows a connected data flow and an integrated view of an asset’s data throughout its life cycle across what have traditionally been siloed functional perspectives. According to trade publication Industry Week, the concept of Digital Thread raises the bar for delivering “the right information to the right place at the right time.”

Alongside this, Model Based Enterprise (MBE) involves the reuse of 3D product data, or Model Based Definition (MBD), including dimensions, tolerances, annotations and views as the centerpiece for more effective communication and collaboration throughout the entire life cycle of a product. 

Increasingly more OEMs and suppliers are adopting connected, model-based processes as a more efficient alternative to conventional, ad-hoc drawing based data-sharing and collaboration. 

And, the rise of emerging technologies, such as cloud, big data, mobile and the internet of things, are enabling manufacturers to realize their MBE and Digital Thread objectives more efficiently and cost effectively.

Big Return-On-Investment

The forward-thinking companies embracing automated and connected digital processes for efficient data-sharing and collaboration throughout the enterprise and supply chain are coming to market faster with higher-quality products at substantially reduced costs.

LNS Research found that manufacturers implementing effective Digital Thread initiatives accelerated time to market with a 20% average improvement in new product introduction (NPI), while another recent study conducted by The National Institute of Standards determined that companies adopting a digital, model-based approach to design through manufacturing inspection operations yielded 74.8% reduction in supplier response time.

Additionally, the U.S. Navy Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) found that they could drive a 20% reduction in manufacturing and supplier rework by executing MBD principles.

Anark- Connecting the Digital Thread

Anark’s customers benefit from the ability to access, combine and share critical engineering, manufacturing and operational data directly from their PLM, ERP, MES, IOT, and other authoritative data sources.  

Anark Core and MBEWeb easily transform critical engineering, manufacturing and operational data into powerful, role-and-use-case-specific 3D PDF documents and HTML5 web content that can be consumed on virtually any device.

Anark Digital Thread
Anark Core & MBEWeb Generated MBE Enabled Technical Content

Anark’s technical content publishing and visual collaboration software also enables powerful model-based processes, including advanced support for a broad range of data types, such as 3D computer-aided design with high-fidelity product manufacturing information (PMI), 2D drawings, and tabular data, including parts lists, notes, product requirements and field service data.

Flexible, easy-to-use, cloud and web-based tools enable advanced commenting, mark-up, measurement and full social media-style “conversations”, as well as automated, server-driven document and content generation and regeneration, based on source data changes, ensuring that technical data is always current and accurate.

All of this empowers knowledge workers along the Digital Thread to communicate and collaborate more effectively and securely throughout engineering, manufacturing, supply-chain and field service operations, delivering “the right information to the right place at the right time”.

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