Exciting new technologies are changing the world of product design and streamlining business processes. LiveWorx features all the latest tech that will make you more efficient, all in one place. Here are highlights of just a few of the sessions you'll find in the Digital Engineering educational track:

Modeling Standards for a Model Based Enterprise
Ryan Gelotte, CTO, Action Engineering, LLC
Model Based Definition (MBD) is a major topic today. Most people hear MBD and think it simply involves replacing a 2D drawing with a 3D model as the product definition source authority. But it's much more. While 2D drawings are the source authority for product definition for most, models are still widely used across the enterprise for many digital manufacturing and operations processes. Often times these models are not under formal change control and are not required to meet any regulatory requirements. This can result in costly inefficiencies and rework because the model was just good enough to release a drawing. This session will cover many of the reasons why 3D CAD matters more today than ever, and why the time has come to define 3D modeling standards that are not just best practice documents but ones everyone can follow.

The Worst Assembly in the World
Pete Hollmer, Senior MCAD Applications Engineer II, Raytheon
In a comical approach to an all-too-common issue, the presenter will explore and employ a number of bad modeling practices in a never-ending effort to increase the retrieval time of his Creo Parametric master assembly. Through overuse of assembly cuts, level ten shrink wraps and other excessive modeling practices, attendees will see his retrieval time balloon out to thoroughly unusable levels. By the end of the presentation, attendees will have either a list of ways to increase their own retrieval times, or perhaps more usefully, a list of bad practices to avoid.

Creo Tips and Tricks
Paul Sagar, VP of Product Management, PTC
Creo Product Managers take the stage to help you design smarter for both today and in the future. Learn about the Creo 6.0 Modeling toolset, new functionality and gain a deeper understanding of how to best use the software from the experts.

Potentials of 3D Printing in the Manufacturing Industry Today: Applications in Injection Molding
Suchana Akter Jahan, Graduate Research Assistant, Purdue University
Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a global buzzword. Often referred to by its far more sensational-sounding description of "3D printing," AM is a technology which has been around for at least three decades. At present, AM is mostly used for prototyping and initial testing purposes. But consider its potential in other areas in manufacturing, for example, in tool making. Purdue University's research shows the use of AM can bring positive changes in the injection molding industry with high performance molds. This presentation will highlight a case study from Purdue, in collaboration with their industrial partners, driven by innovation and efficiency to achieve an optimum solution.

Engaging the Enterprise and Delivering Innovative Products
Brady Buchanan, PLM Director, Lifetime Products
This session will focus on how Lifetime Products is driving standardization, process improvement, on-time shipping, and engagement of the enterprise in their New Product Realization process. Lifetime Products has been using ProjectLink to manage their New Product Realization process for over 15 years. Their PLM journey and how they are using ProjectLink templates to drive process improvement and time-to-market will be presented. Additionally they will share lessons learned, project reporting, and cultural/organizational challenges.

Johnson & Johnson Enterprise PLM - OneMD Digital Transformation
Anjali Jain, Sr Manager IT, Johnson and Johnson
Learn how Johnson & Johnson (J&J) executed their OneMD Transformation journey to enable business process transformation, technical transformation, project team organization and agile delivery, as well as a release framework that helped them shift the PLM world from document-centric to process-centric. Hear how these changes helped reduce time-to-market and create a futuristic view and the path forward.

These are just a handful of the dozens of sessions available in the Digital Engineering Track, and new sessions are being added daily. Browse the Session Catalog to view all of them!

Plus, don't miss the CAD & PLM Technical Day on Monday, June 10th to gain access to 25 bonus breakout sessions focused on specialized Creo and Windchill topics! You will learn from experienced Creo and Windchill super users and learn tips and tricks, best practices, and gain insight into how other large enterprise organizations are taking advantage of these solutions. The CAD & PLM Technical day content is free to All Access and DeluX passholders, and can be added on for a fee to Explorer passes.

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