Guest post from LiveWorx sponsor Simerics, Inc, Rich Moore, VP Strategy, OEMs, Partners

As you know, fluids are vital to humans, nature, products and the universe.  What you probably don’t know is that Digital Fluids are vital to Digital Twins.  If you spend time thinking about Digital Transformation and what your Digital Product Definition is, then you’ll want to learn how to consume Digital Fluids and why this is important to you and your company to easily create Digital Twins (much better than taking two aspirin)!

Why do Digital Fluids easily create Digital Twins?  Digital Twins are made up of Digital Models; those models have Fluids that need to be made Digitally (so you don’t go broke prototyping, running and operating fluids through your prototype—do it Digitally); those Digital Fluids can then be used by Augmented Reality to compare the actual Product Fluids to the actual Simulated Digital Fluids.  That’s a lot of fluids!

Don’t worry you have access to all the pieces—you can use Creo Parametric (Power Inverter Design) to create your Digital Model; you can then use Creo Flow Analysis(Animated Streamlines of Fluids and Heat Simulated) to create your Digital Fluids; you can then output these Digital Fluids to Vuforia Studio (Digital Twins video) to Augment the actual Product with Digital Fluids.  The Digital Twins that you see in the photographs and in the video didn’t take long to create and will last forever!  Digital Fluids is a key additive piece to having a quick Digital Twins process so as you sell and service your Products each product has a lifelong Twin!  This Twin will put smiles on the faces of both Engineering and Services as customers will appreciate both!

By using Digital Fluids for all products you now have an easy way and affordable way to implement Digital Twins that engineers, manufacturers and customers can take advantage of to perform Preventative Maintenance and Installation Management and to collaborate digitally.  The key accelerator here is to have the engineers that are using Creo Parametric use Creo Flow Analysis to quickly create Digital Fluids so that you don’t waste time.

Next June in Boston at LiveWorx 19 you will get the opportunity to see Digital Fluids creating Digital Twins in person.  PTC customers and partners will share how their Engineers use Digital Fluids as an easy way to create Digital Twins (like the photographs and video of the Power Inverter created by Simerics, Inc.).  Engineers and Executives will learn and understand the benefits of using Digital Fluids to easily create Digital Twins and the dramatic impact this will have on your business.  We hope to see you at LiveWorx 19 where you’ll see Digital Fluids creating Digital Twins and lots of smiles!

For the latest on Digital Twin technologies, attend LiveWorx 19, June 10-13 in Boston.