Manufacturing teams, no matter where in the world, have one consistent goal — continuous improvement — more output, better quality, lower costs, increase flexibility and agility, etc. Around the world we hear about the wave of transformation, now in manufacturing, as a result of IIoT. Attend LiveWorx to learn from your peers and industry leaders on how to bring the IIoT to the factory floor and excel in today’s globally competitive manufacturing environment. Below is a sampling of the content you'll find on Industrie 4.0 this year:

Developing Your Connected Operations Blueprint in the IoT Era
Monday, June 18th | 11:30am - 12:15pm
In this session, TSM will describe their IoT journey and timeline. Specifically, they will discuss the cultural and organizational challenges they faced as an SME OEM, the pull-factors that drove them to migrate from one IoT platform to another, and the business and market drivers for adopting an IoT-enabled solution. Attend this session to benefit from their feedback and advice, and discover how they established use cases and value drivers.

Smart Factories– Justifying The Technology Behind Industrie 4.0
Monday, June 18th | 2:30pm - 3:15pm
Digital technologies including cyber-physical systems, IoT, and cloud computing have the potential to affect every aspect of manufacturing. Factory managers and operations executives are tasked with assessing the value of smart, connected technologies to unlock the potential of their operations. But, understanding the best digital levers to apply while constructing a business case can be a challenge. Join this session to learn how to apply simple calculations like Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to prove value and guide your technology-based performance improvements. OEE allows users to understand a system’s full potential and then systematically identify losses from that theoretical max. This session will also cover important use cases in smart ops, practical starting points for building a business case and how to achieve cross-organizational buy-in.

How to Source the Right Data For Reliability Centered Machine Learning (RCML)
Tuesday, June 19th | 3:15pm - 4:00pm
Machine Learning uses very basic performance and process data that, while it can potentially be correlated to a failure event, often struggles to map to an actual failure mode. By starting with “Contextualize”, we can make sure that every measurement has a known purpose and can minimize data “exhaust”. Today, with Reliability Centered Machine Learning (RCML), we contextualize, source, synthesize, orchestrate, and enable with great visualization through realization!

Connecting the Digital Thread Between PLM and Manufacturing Execution
Tuesday, June 19th | 2:15pm - 3:00pm
Manufacturing systems tend to be a totally disconnected process from engineering. This session will highlight how Solar Turbines has introduced a manufacturing execution system (MES) and connected it with their PLM system. MPMLink is being used within the PLM system to digitally build manufacturing data, and is then passed into both the ERP and MES systems.

5 Requirements for Getting IT and Operations to Champion IoT
Wednesday, June 20th | 12:30pm - 1:15pm
More and more companies are working to capitalize on the promise of industrial IoT for better business intelligence, process improvement, and intelligent asset management. To realize this, IT and Operations departments increasingly need to work together. This is challenging, as these departments have fundamentally different goals and ways of working. The fact is that it is incumbent on industrial IoT technology itself to allow both IT and Operations to continue to be successful in their traditional roles while also benefiting from IoT.

These are just a handful of the sessions available in the Industrie 4.0 Track. Browse the Session Catalog to view all of them!

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