ConfigWorx, the commercial configurator adapted to Industry 4.0 and developed by Integral Innovation Experts, was presented at LiveWorx 18.

ConfigWorx is a solution connected to PTC's Windchill that allows users, in a simple way, to create complete and automated commercial offers with a multitude of combinations.

Based on the technology of PTC products, ConfigWorx is a tool designed especially for the commercial department, enabling the sales team to prepare quotes autonomously, without the support of the technical department.

Selling complex or highly configured products is difficult. Your sales team needs to understand the customer’s needs and translate them into a valid offer that is attractive to the customer and profitable for your company. ConfigWorx manages this complexity, so it's much simpler for your team to configure, design and sell products.

Configworx’s powerful business configuration engine captures the knowledge of the best product specialists and makes it available to all of the sales team. Even newly hired staff, distributors and partners can quickly provide the best solution.

Benefits of ConfigWorx for Sales

1. Detailed quotes with the supporting documentation are generated automatically. This accelerates the quotation process drastically. In fact, many of our customers have reduced the contribution time from weeks to hours and from days to minutes.

2. Translate purchase wishes and non-technical product requirements into the technical specifications of the product:

  • The modeling language, based on functions, faithfully translates the client’s needs and non-technical requirements into detailed technical requirements.
  • The purchasing history and customer sector form the basis for analyzing the needs of customers.
  • Significant requirements (for example, engine power required for a work typology) are taken into account, which improves the overall understanding of the needs.

3. Evaluate all the customer’s needs and the relevant attributes of the product to find the optimal solution:

  • The configurator proposes the best alternatives, based on pre-selected criteria, which correspond to the main configurable options.
  • Advanced external and internal calculations support the selection process.
  • Conflict resolution balances conflicting requirements and finds the best alternative solutions.

4. Advise your client and build confidence in the products offered, turning potential customers into buyers.

  • Detailed proposals with automatically generated backup documentation.
  • The 3D visualization guarantees a valid and convincing quote.
  • The characteristics of the product are explained with images and supporting texts, which guarantees that the client understands the details of the offer.

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