Staying on top of trends related to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and smart connected products is an ongoing challenge, given the technology’s rapid changes. At LiveWorx, you’ll learn about the tools, processes, and tactics to implement emerging IIoT-related technologies, and create a playbook on how to improve productivity and efficiencies at your organization. Below are some of the IIoT & Smart Connected Products sessions featured at LiveWorx 19:

Managing A Successful IIoT Digital Product Introduction
Shannon Duvendack, Digital IIoT New Product Introduction Manager, Caterpillar
Successfully managing a new IIoT digital product introduction can be a daunting endeavor for companies. There are many complexities to be managed including diverging customer requirements, diverse operating environments, emissions controls required for hardware, international requirements and technology constraints. In this session, Shannon Duvendack, Digital IIoT New Product Introduction Manager at Caterpillar, will share key lessons learned and recommendations for successfully managing a new IIoT digital product introduction.

End-to-End IoT Security: A Safer Internet of Things
Brian Geisel, CEO, Geisel Software, Inc.
Today, it seems everyone is talking about security in the IoT. As the diversity and number of IoT devices continue to increase, the threats to IoT systems are changing and growing even faster. For security to be effective, you're going to need real, practical end-to-end solutions to protect your devices and network. In this session, the presenter will discuss common security pitfalls in the Internet of Things and how to protect your entire IoT environment from end-to-end. Specifically the presentation will focus on security myths: understanding the risks, how to protect your IoT network against infiltration, defending your web services in the cloud, architecting "security from the start", and keeping the fleet safe, now and forever.

Edge 2.0: Next Generation IIoT Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Tony Coufal, Chief Technical Officer, Oxyscorp
Today, collecting and monitoring sensor data is no longer enough to have highly efficient operations or meet advanced methodologies like Industry 4.0. To achieve these goals, larger and more specific data must be collected and analyzed with advanced methods like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Across all industries, Edge 2.0 is starting to provide actionable, mission critical insights including Failure Predictors, Intelligent Maintenance, Process Optimization, and Logistical Planning to name a few. And, looking forward, we expect to see more development of domain and process-specific AI, refinement of highly efficient algorithms and the introduction of faster purpose-specific hardware. This will result in more of a shift towards data collection and analysis on the edge as well as more in-depth insights generated faster. Attend this session to hear about the current and future state of ML and AI.

The Top 10 Errors in IoT Commercialization
Tim Ogilvie, Founding Partner, Peer Insight Ventures
A 2017 study by Cisco revealed that 75% of IoT projects are failing to meet their business goals. The number one cause? Collaboration between IT and the business side. Author and IoT entrepreneur Tim Ogilvie calls this the commercialization gap. In this interactive presentation, he will share the top 10 errors in IoT commercialization. As the founder of Peer Insight Ventures and the co-author of "Designing for Growth", the best-selling book in the design thinking field, Tim has worked on 30+ IoT commercialization projects. In the past 15 years, he has contributed to applications including vehicle telematics, access control, infection prevention, precision agriculture, and home energy management. How does Tim know so much about the common IoT errors? Easy: he's made most of them himself. With humility and humor, Tim will describe these well-intended errors, then invite the audience to pick their favorite ones and share what to do about them.

The Edge: Providing the 'Things' for the IoT
Jeff Bates, Product Manager, PTC
This session will cover the first step in any industrial IoT or Industry 4.0 deployment or proof of concept- connecting assets. This session will discuss real connectivity use cases for both operators and Product OEMs, and illustrate some of the key requirements for edge technology.

It's Electric: How Caterpillar Develops Compelling IIoT Apps That Resonate With Customers & Dealers
Nick Halabi, IIoT Digital Release Manager, Caterpillar
Nick Halabi manages the Electric Power Digital Development Team responsible for developing the CAT Connect (IIoT) for Caterpillar's Energy and Transportation industry vertical. Nick's team is responsible for developing Caterpillar's Remote Asset Monitoring system which utilizes the ThingWorx platform. This system provides industry-specific asset monitoring experiences across the Electric Power and Marine Industrial business segments. In this session, Nick will overview CAT's software development approach for developing customer-focused applications within ThingWorx. Nick will review CAT's customer-focused culture, the utilization of SAFe Agile & the Menlo Way Software Development principles, and lessons learned.

These are just a few representative sessions available in the IIoT & Smart Connected Products Track. Browse the Session Catalog (and check back frequently for updates) to view the list!

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