You've made it to LiveWorx in Boston. You've checked in at the Registration Desk, made your way down the escalator into Xtropolis...but now you have burning questions that need to be answered! Questions like:

  • Where are the keynotes held?
  • What time is lunch?
  • Where's Ballroom East?
  • Is there a place I can sit and charge my phone?
  • Where do I get my LiveWorx swag?
  • I completed my DX Challenge card, now what?
  • What booth is this sponsor in?
  • Where are the IgniteTalx located?
  • How do I join a Tech Tour?
  • And...most importantly...Where's the bathroom?

These are just a few of the common questions fielded by the LiveWorx Info Desk (located at the front of Xtropolis, to the right of the main escalator as you come down). Our friendly staff is primed and ready to answer your questions about all things LiveWorx. Don't be shy, stop in and say just might learn something new!

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