Now more than ever, medical innovators face an increasing need for technology solutions to support the transition to connected medical care, personalized and precision medicine, and health care outcomes as service — all while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Attending LiveWorx will grow your expertise in new technologies to gain a competitive advantage in the complex, fast paced and highly regulated medical device marketplace. Below are some featured Healthcare & Medical Device breakout sessions at LiveWorx 18:

Defending the Body: Medical Devices in the Age of Cyber Warfare
Monday, June 18th | 11:30am - 12:15pm
While making great fodder for television, a 2012 episode of the Showtime drama Homeland, in which terrorists hacked a fictional vice president’s pacemaker and killed him, the issue of cybersecurity in medical devices is much more complex than these doomsday scenarios. In the dawning age of cyber warfare, it's worth examining where we're at with defending our most personal homeland. This panel, which features experts from across the MedTech spectrum, will delve into what is fiction, what is reality and what companies are doing to prevent our bodies from serving as the next battlefield.

7 Core Use Cases: Unlocking Global Manufacturing With IIoT at Pfizer
Monday, June 18th | 1:30pm - 2:15pm
Pfizer is one of the world’s leading global pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare product companies. With a commitment to quality throughout the manufacturing lifecycle, Pfizer is embarking on an ambitious, multi-year program to transform the plant floor through the Industrial IoT. The goal: to enhance visibility, reduce waste and optimize operations through predictive analysis and closed-loop operations management. Learn about the seven core use cases behind Pfizer’s transformative project to unlock the value of plant data from the clean room to the factory floor, and beyond.

Tips, Tricks, and Lessons for Managing Suppliers in The Medical Device Industry: A Boston Scientific Case Study
Tuesday, June 19th | 11:00am - 11:45am
This session will chronical the journey of a medical device manufacturer as they looked to improve their supplier management processes using PTC Windchill and the Supplier Management module. In this session, Accenture and Boston Scientific will discuss the challenges the medical device manufacturer had in their supplier management processes, how those challenges were resolved using Windchill and the Supplier Management module, business benefits of the solution, and lessons learned on the supplier management journey.

The Stryker Journey: Implementing a World Class Innovation Engine Through Advanced PLM
Tuesday, June 19th | 2:15pm - 3:00pm
Over the last two years, Stryker has embarked on a journey of transformation and innovation through advanced PLM on the Windchill platform. They have achieved a globally harmonized, comprehensive, closed-loop solution with 11 integrated PLM capabilities that enable the heart of the innovation engine. Stryker has taken the LiveWorx audience on their journey telling their story of successes and lessons learned in the implementation phase of the program.

Benefits of PLM on Digital Engineering, Manufacturing, and Other Business Processes: A Philips Case Study
Tuesday, June 19th | 3:15pm - 4:00pm
Royal Philips, a leader in Medical Technology and Personal Health, observed in their 4+ year PLM journey the operational and ecosystem impacts of PLM across a number of business units. These business units active in PLM include Export Control, Compliance, Regulatory, Legal, Purchasing / Procurement, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing and other supporting business functions. This presentation is for the audience who is looking for benefit of a PLM solution outside of typical Research & Development (R&D), Design and Engineering. Come discuss with our PLM leads how your Digital Engineering and Manufacturing roadmap can collect additional value and benefit from other segments of your organization.

Building an IoT Center of Excellence to Deliver Better IoT Solutions: The Medtronic Story
Wednesday, June 20th | 10:30am - 11:15am
A center of excellence (COE) is a corporate team that leads the organization to adopt new technologies, skills, and disciplines. Now imagine the challenge of and opportunity for creating a COE at Medtronic, one of the world’s largest medical device companies with a broad and diverse set of independently managed businesses. Learn how a joint business and IT team responsible for Internet of Things is establishing a center of excellence to grow the organization's IoT capability, improve project success rates, reduce cost and risk from unsuitable technology.

These are just a handful of the sessions available in the Healthcare & Medical Devices Track. Browse the Session Catalog to view all of them!

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