Guest post from LiveWorx sponsor VMware

In order for OT – IT convergence to work, there is a need for a new IoT-ready architecture that bridges the entire path of data from the source at the edge, all the way back to the data center. This architecture should not only facilitate the journey of the data and its processing, but also provide a way to monitor and secure this whole framework to maximize return on investment.

For this purpose, it’s helpful to think of an IoT-ready architecture in terms of an “Insight plane” and an “Infrastructure plane”.

Vmware Insight Plane

Insight Plane

The Insight plane is where all the rich content from connected things flows from the edge of the system to the IoT platform, which is typically located in a traditional data center, or an operational facility. At the heart of an IoT infrastructure, IoT platforms play a crucial role in ensuring seamless integration of different IoT hardware devices and IoT applications that support analysis, data visualization, etc. Within this platform data is sorted, analyzed and used to drive business decisions like supply chain optimization, customer experience management or simply enabling employees to do their jobs better.

Infrastructure Plane

The infrastructure layer refers to the IoT infrastructure itself (from endpoints such as sensors back to the data center or the cloud where IoT workloads are hosted) along with the capabilities to manage, monitor and secure it. This plane is often overlooked during the early stages of an IoT project, causing headaches and delays when scaling from POC to production.

Many enterprise IoT use cases include remote, unmanned devices that need to be monitored to determine whether they are operating correctly, and when maintenance or replacement are required. Over time, they may need firmware updates or to be remotely restarted. These are all critical functions of an IoT infrastructure management solution. You need a tool, that helps you manage, monitor and secure millions of disparate things and edge systems, ideally from a single console  and allow you to reduce human touch points and free up both IT and operational personnel for analytics-based decision making.

Smart Manufacturing VMware and ThingWorx- Better Together

VMware and ThingWorx have partnered together to provide both the insight and infrastructure elements of this new IoT architecture so that joint customers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get operational as well as business analytics in the same solution 
  • Have the option of a completely integrated (software+hardware) mini data center which they can deploy at the edge
  • Reduce IoT deployment time

We demonstrated a great example for the smart manufacturing use case at our recent Dell technologies IQT day.  In this demo, we showcased how for a smart factory ThingWorx and VMware IoT solutions work together to minimize downtime by enabling predictive maintenance and swiftly combating security issue in real time with over the air updates. See the demo in action here (at 1:10:30).

Learn more about VMware Pulse IoT Solutions here.

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