Join us at LiveWorx to attend cutting-edge Smart Cities-focused sessions, featuring use cases leveraging the latest technologies—IoT, city-wide platforms, smart energy solutions and more. Learn from experts representing cities and solution providers who are immersed in implementing new technologies to drive better outcomes in areas such as energy, water, waste, buildings, and transportation on a daily basis. Gain a competitive advantage and be at the forefront of what’s happening in Smart Cities.

Below is a sampling of the breakout sessions you'll find in the Smart Cities Track at LiveWorx:

Connecting Your Business to the Smart Cities We All Live In
Tuesday, June 19th | 1:15pm - 2:00pm
Learn from our panel of experts representing large cities from around the world, as they discuss how their cities are leveraging technology to drive better outcomes in areas such as energy, water, waste, buildings, and transportation. Attend this session to explore how your business can collaborate with cities to create new mutually beneficial opportunities.

Accelerating Smart City Business and App Delivery With a Strategic City-Wide Platform
Tuesday, June 19th | 3:15pm - 4:00pm
Cities and their technology partners need to quickly deliver smart city solutions that provide immediate value, as well as a platform to accelerate innovation and break down information silos. Cities can accomplish both goals with a city-wide platform. A city-wide IoT platform will ensure that all investments, such as physical assets, gateways, cloud environments or communication networks, are maximally leveraged to make onboarding new solutions and innovations easier, faster, and more economical.

Creating a Smart City with a Global Partner
Tuesday, June 19th | 4:15pm - 5:00pm
Increasingly, the world is seeking smarter, secure, more intelligent solutions and optimized utilization of resources to enhance the quality of life. This has led to the rise of smart cities and advanced security solutions and communication infrastructures in several advanced economies. Attend this session to learn how L&T is working in India to create a smart infrastructure that will soon be the backbone of the economy.

Smart Power & Energy: Accelerate Smart Energy Solutions
Wednesday, June 20th | 11:30am - 12:15pm
Learn how IoT can help utilities and energy stakeholders coordinate analysis and action among diverse grid devices and energy production equipment, as well as monitor and solve problems on the grid in real time.

These are just some of the breakouts available in the Smart Cities Track, please browse the Session Catalog to view all of them.

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