In this interview, we spoke with Azhar Rehman, Principal Education Development Specialist at PTC.  Azhar instructed a course at LiveWorx 17 on "Improving Access to Your Product Information Using ThingWorx Navigate."

Can you give a brief overview of your training topic?

In “Improving Access to Your Product Information using ThingWorx Navigate,” we discussed how ThingWorx Navigate apps enable users to quickly and easily access specific Windchill information. These apps simplify and improve access to the Windchill data, such as design files, drawings, parts, bill of materials, and documents.  Additionally, ThingWorx Navigate enables administrators to configure miscellaneous preferences in the apps to display various search filters in the user interface.

What are some current industry hotbuttons/trends you’re seeing?

  • Connecting various devices together to share large amounts of data at once.
  • More focus on security measures, especially around cloud-based solutions.
  • Growing focus on driving results using sensor-based data and creating analytically rich data sets.
  • Global spending on IoT technology-based products is on the rise.

How do PTC’s solutions fit with these trends/address industry issues?

I believe PTC’s solutions fit perfectly with these trends:

  • The ThingWorx platform enables companies to develop custom mashups to display data from multiple sources/systems.
  • PTC’s IOT platform and solutions, such as Analytics enable companies to feed data into IoT analytic algorithms to deliver insights into businesses' target audiences.

What are some common questions you received during your session?  Were there particular areas of interest from attendees?

  • Customers were interested in finding out more information about IOT and Windchill PLM integration
  • New ThingWorx Navigate apps
  • What’s new in Creo and Windchill
  • Provide more comprehensive information on Windchill-ThingWorx Navigate integration
  • Explain how to develop custom ThingWorx Navigate apps
  • Offer best practices on how to use Windchill PLM solutions

Please describe the feedback you received from attendees on their overall LiveWorx experience.

 Overall, we received positive feedback. Some attendees in my Windchill classes were very biased toward Windchill and would like to see more of these topics offered next year. Our team is taking this feedback into consideration for LiveWorx 18 planning, so please let us know the topics most of interest to you in the Comments below.

What about future developments?  Where do you see things going?

ThingWorx Navigate keeps generating a lot of interest among PTC customers. Customers are looking for not only viewing information using apps but also modifying information through these apps.

Anything else you’d like to add?

In the future, there appears to be a need for training courses that:

  • Provide more comprehensive information on Windchill-ThingWorx Navigate integration.
  • Explain how to develop custom ThingWorx Navigate apps.
  • Offer best practices on how to use Windchill PLM solutions.

For more information on current Windchill, ThingWorx and ThingWorx Navigate training classes, browse our class schedule or contact a training advisor.