LiveWorx is dedicated to supporting organizations that provide education for our next generation of engineers and innovators.  Girls Who Code was founded with a single mission: to close the gender gap in technology.

We’re thrilled to announce that if you register before November 30th, we’ll donate $100 to Girls Who Code. Use the code GIVE to help build a future where our next generation will prosper through creativity, through bravery, and through teamwork.

Take a look at how Girls Who Code has already made an impact:

  • 93% of Summer Immersion Program participants want to major in computer science
  • 65% of Girls Who Code Club participants are considering a major/minor in computer science
  • 84% of Girls Who Code alumni said they wanted to pursue a career in technology
Girls Who Code In Post

Here’s how your LiveWorx registration can help:

  • $100 (1 registration) can provide an Arduino robot for a Girls Who Code Club to explore robotics
  • $1,000 (10 registrations) can help a girl to attend the Summer Immersion Program who may have not been able to otherwise participate due to financial standing.
  • 5,000 (50 registrations) can help Girls Who Code recruit the best teachers to lead participants through their curriculum.

Don’t wait…register before November 30th using the code GIVE to support this great organization with a $100 donation!