Guest post from LiveWorx Sponsor Simerics; by Lei Shi, lead developer for Creo CFD and Creo CFD Engineer

Like any first experience, we didn’t know what to expect or what would happen at LiveWorx 17.  We traveled to Boston from Seattle to provide a preview of Creo CFD, a new module for Creo.  When we arrived, we thought we would let all customers, salespeople, and resellers know that Creo CFD would be available in Creo 5.0.  After meeting with several PTC Product Managers and customers, the decision was made to release with Creo 4.0 M40!  That’s right, in December 2017!  Oh my!  Well, regardless of the acceleration to our development roadmap, LiveWorx 17 proved to be a place where engineering exchange truly happened.  Customers told PTC product managers that CFD is needed for Creo 4.0, right in our booth!  We at Simerics said “Let’s do it!”  How do we get Creo CFD and Creo CFD Engineer completed by December 2017, when our original plan was March 2018?

PTC product management went to work bringing PTC developers from Creo 4.0 to our booth to explain APIs in Creo that would help us accelerate our development effort.  They also brought UI developers in to help with menus, icons and simulation work flows.  In fact, they brought in some people from Creo Simulate to describe what Creo users could expect from Creo CFD.  All PTC development groups offered to help so PTC customers could get CFD embedded into Creo by December 2017.  Why?

Apparently Creo customers and users have been looking for a way to automatically extract fluids volumes from Creo models.  Creo users have mastered modeling complex parts and assemblies.  What if they could apply those same principles to modeling the fluid's volume, in other words, the negative part of the solid model or inverse of the Creo part/assembly?  This would streamline the process of using CFD and in fact put the power of CFD into the hands of Creo users.  This will provide Creo users with a secondary modeling work flow, simplifying the complexity of using CFD!

Then executives from PTC, along with executives from customers, came to the Simerics booth and we were able to share our new plans to offer Creo CFD in 4.0 and 5.0 and beyond.  The PTC executives then proposed that we work with the IoT and Augmented Reality (AR/VR) teams at PTC to bring digital fluids to life, in the same way PTC is working to bring digital parts to life in finished, working products.  Imagine in 2018 if you could monitor the fluids running through or around products designed in Creo and simulated in Creo CFD!  Well, if there ever was an “ah ha” moment or exchange of engineering that was better than this…All we know is when you have a good first experience you don’t want to make it the last!

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