Learn about the competitive advantages that AR, MR and VR and offer (including enhanced sales & marketing efforts, improved service margins, optimized manufacturing operations and streamlined product design) and best practices to implement them in your organization at LiveWorx. Below is a sampling of the sessions you'll find in the AR/MR/VR Track this year:

Delivering Powerful AR/VR User Experience for the Enterprise Employee
Scott McCormick, Emergent Enterprise
Industries of all types are adopting emergent technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to become more versatile, productive and profitable. AR and VR and the mashup of the two, MR or XR, are especially adding value and superior levels of engagement with employees in areas such as training, performance support, onboarding, HR and more. Companies seeing success are making user experience strategy a critical ingredient. A well-designed UX requires a thorough understanding of the target audience, the context in which they will receive the information and the AR/VR/MR technology (hardware, software, company IT infrastructure) requirements. This session will lay out a strong and agile UX strategy that utilizes design thinking, audience empathy, contextual awareness and other ingredients of powerful user experience.

From CAD to Real-time: How to Make Your Assets VR/ AR Ready
Mike Festa, Boston Chapter President, The VR/AR Association
In this practical tutorial from the VR/AR Association, learn how to take the content created in CAD and make it look photo-realistic in augmented and virtual realities. You'll learn about the importance of 3D content for VR and AR, how to create realistic materials for physically based rendering (PBR) and how to remove unnecessary and proprietary internal details.

The Business Value of Immersive Realities Panel
Kent Eriksson, Senior Advisor, PTC and Ruchi Verma, Ericsson
"Immersive Reality" technologies of 3D, VR, AR and MR - collectively known as XR - have evolved exponentially in recent years. Significant progress has been made in the fields of computer vision and artificial intelligence. At the same time, businesses now have widespread and cost-effective access to the software and devices and a need for easier content creation, data collection and delivery of powerful XR experiences across the manufacturing lifecycle. Panelists from academia and industry will discuss the impact of XR on productivity, processes and people.

Augmented Reality Design Strategies and Tools
Ayora Berry and Nathanial Lane, PTC
Discover design tools and techniques that will enable your team to identify solutions, create prototypes and test with users rapidly. Attendees will learn UX design strategies, UI design patterns, and tools that you can implement in your AR projects.

These are just a handful of the breakouts available in the AR/VR Track. Browse the Session Catalog to view more, and check back frequently as new sessions are being added daily!

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