The ability to access reliable and up-to-date product information across different systems is a monumental task, due in large part to the fact that information must be distributed across heterogenous IT system infrastructures. In addition, infrastructures must comply with regulatory restrictions, access restrictions, and differing data formats.

ThingWorx and ThingWorx Navigate, combined with PDM, SDM, ERP, and ALM systems, are designed to increase efficiency, shorten time to market, and generate a consolidated view of all pertinent systems.

However, integrating multiple vendor systems to the ThingWorx toolset introduces possible risks. Companies working with ThingWorx and ThingWorx Navigate should seek to mitigate the following risks to ensure project success.

  1. Scoping - Improper scoping may lead to the migration of unnecessary data. Do you really need every file and its accompanying history moved to the new system? Data schemas don’t properly align and history isn't well-represented. PROSTEP recommends compartmentalizing the items needed to move forward and decommissioning the rest.
  2. Overpromising Delivery - Integration of data into heterogeneous systems is a time-consuming process often utilizing numerous resources. When companies plan improperly and try to move all the data at once, aka “big bang” migration, it doesn't end well. Experts at PROSTEP devised strategies to maximize success by leveraging coexistence, which decreases data loss and increases the likelihood of proper data migration.
  3. Do-It-Yourself Migration – Companies can attempt migrations on their own, but lack of experience often leads to improper planning and execution, which then leads to more time and money spent in the long run. Companies are typically better off bringing in PLM experts to handle migrations to ensure project success.
  4. System Acceptance - Quite possibly the biggest risk companies want to mitigate is obtaining company-wide acceptance of the systems. Good promotion and social acceptance are vital when transferring data between systems. The success of your migration is not just about moving data, it’s about moving your employees over and training them on the new work flows and systems.

This list is certainly not all inclusive, as there are other risks associated with integrating multiple vendors. For over 25 years, PROSTEP has been the world’s foremost integration expert with leading systems. At LiveWorx 2018, PROSTEP will be on hand to present ThingWorx Connectors – Unleash the Power within PLM - a presentation that expands upon the risks listed above and identifies a solution for integrating any system within the ThingWorx engineering tools. As a PTC Software Gold Partner and Worldwide Services Partner, PROSTEP provides ThingWorx engineering tools for all integration tasks. For a presentation request, please visit our page PROSTEP ThingWorx Connectors.

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