This is Part 5 of a series on Smart Reliability IIoT Condition Monitoring; don't miss Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4!

In a recent installation of Smart Reliability, Allied Reliability installed vibration and temperature sensors on a series of pumps as part of the Smart Reliability installation. Failure modes were mapped to the installed sensors, mashups deployed with sensor overlays, and connection with a higher-level system mashup was made. The system was configured and commissioned from sensor installation to viewing mashups in just a few man-days.

In just a couple of days, the Smart Reliability system detected loose motor mounts on one of the pumps. The looseness of the motor mounts was detected and corrected, before any collateral damage could occur, saving potential costly motor and pump repair or replacement, coupled with significant downtime.

A few days later, another pump showed high signs of vibration. Upon investigation, valving and the valve control systems were malfunctioning causing stress on the pump, which in turn was seen as high vibration on the pump. The control system and valving were adjusted to reduce the stress on the pump, as well as improve the performance of the pumping system. Had the problem gone undetected, the client would have experienced poor system performance, impacting production, along with early fatigue and failure of the pump. Correcting the problem early, keeps productivity high, while lowering the long-term maintenance and repair costs of the pump.

In short, the failure modes and diagnostic sensor-based approach to predictive maintenance taken by the Smart Reliability digital twins yields immediate value thru visibility of the health of the covered assets. This approach builds on decades of subject matter expert (SME) domain experience and is accepted by condition monitoring and maintenance teams world-wide.

As these systems operate over time, collecting condition indicating data trends from multiple sensors and from multiple operating parameters, our SMEs will guide the machine learning that consumes the trend data, looking for patterns our SMEs have seen in the past.

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