The Internet of Things market is certainly heating up, over the last year we have seen a lot of activity in this space, whether it’s with companies working in AI or investors taking huge bets on large acquisitions, for example the Thales and Gemalto merger @ $5.5 billion set to go through in Q3 this year. Many large traditional companies are embracing IoT and building out their portfolio to make them “market ready” for the huge growth of expected devices to be connected over the coming years. Microsoft are ramping up their IoT strategy having recently announced their IoT Sphere program at RSA in April, which aims to provide a “Secure by design” approach, where chip manufacturers license device IP (Containing, Security, ARM MCU IP etc.) to make chips which can be used by OEMs to build secure products connecting to Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub.

Security continues to be on the top of everyone’s agenda as one of the fundamental challenges to address; each company must have a strategy for addressing how they secure their devices and the data coming from them. Whether that’s companies involved in Medical, Industrial or Automotive applications, they all experience similar security challenges. Increasingly, we see companies who typically reside in the Enterprise realize that security is paramount as their IoT strategy evolves to allow devices from outside the perimeter inside… and how to manage devices at IoT scale is quickly becoming a big realization. We’re not talking about connecting a few hundred here. Interestingly enough, we have seen various governments around the globe start to take a more pragmatic approach to security. The “Secure by Design” report issued by the Department Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) in March sets out some fundamental principles IoT companies should adopt when developing solutions. You can read more on our thoughts in our previous blog here.

Device Authority has also been evolving, building real customer value into our IoT IAM security platform, KeyScaler. Whether you choose an IoT platform which requires certificate-based authentication or choose one that doesn’t, either way KeyScaler can support solving the fundamental challenges, including;

  • How to securely onboard, provision and register devices without human intervention
  • How to automate the management of certificates to devices and IoT platforms, with public CAs such as Comodo CA, or with a Private CA.
  • How to use a tokenization approach for device authentication, authorization and token expiration into platforms such as PTC’s ThingWorx platform
  • Selectively encrypting data end to end to maintain privacy for sensitive applications i.e. Medical and Industrial
  • How do you connect devices securely from outside the enterprise perimeter, and utilize existing security infrastructure such as HSMs from Gemalto

We are exhibiting at LiveWorx in booth #1214, alongside our partners Gemalto and Comodo CA so please come along and meet us to discuss your security requirements and find out about our Enterprise IoT security solution blueprint! And if you are not already sick of being bombarded about GDPR then we can also discuss this…

Comodo CA will be showcasing their new IoT PKI Manager which provides trusted, mutual-authentication solutions for all IoT devices and networks using PKI certificates. The high-availability, batch-issuance system allows for administrators to easily enroll, download and decrypt certificate batches quickly and efficiently. Device Authority's KeyScaler powers an automated, advanced IoT device provisioning service, using Comodo CA's root of trust.

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