Todd Maddox, Ph.D. is a Learning Scientist and Research Fellow at Amalgam Insights and is the CEO and Founder of Cognitive Design and Statistical Consulting LLC. This report offers an overview of the six major trends that Amalgam Insights’ research suggests will dominate the Learning & Development and Talent Management landscape. These will have a powerful effect on organizations looking for solutions and the vendors that provide them.

Corporate Executives must prepare to integrate a variety of new techniques and capabilities into the workplace in support of psychological and brain science-based insights that will drive Learning & Development and Talent Management in 2019 and beyond. Big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, immersive technologies, and a growing appreciation of the value of personality and people skills are disrupting the sector and leading to positive change in the workplace.

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"I am especially excited about applications of augmented and virtual reality in industrial, manufacturing, healthcare and corporate training. The brain science support for the effectiveness of these technologies is clear."

Todd Maddox, Ph.D.

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