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LiveWorx is the global technology conference and marketplace for solutions engineered for a smart, connected world

4 Inspiring

230+ Breakouts

100+ Internet
of Things (IoT) Demos

6000+ Technologists

Industry Luminaries

The LiveWorx stage and breakout sessions will showcase IoT’s most influential technology trailblazers, bestselling authors, and progressive, forward-thinking technologists presenting insightful and informative sessions covering IoT technology and solutions, issues, trends, and considerations for the future.

IoT LiveTalx

Don’t miss four inspiring IoT LiveTalx sessions, 25 minute “TED Talk” style discussions on the latest IoT technologies, from leading companies like Accenture, Deloitte Digital and ThingWorx.

If you're a…

Make an Impact

Developers navigating the IoT world face a number of challenges in the connected world — understanding new technologies, selecting vendors, choosing the right hardware, managing data, complying with standards — while satisfying the demands of key stakeholders and users alike. LiveWorx offers unrivaled content for developers to conquer these challenges and create powerful, meaningful IoT solutions for their industry.

LiveWorx is the must-attend event for developers of every kind, from technology strategists to application developers and data engineers who are looking to sharpen their skills and stay ahead of the IoT curve.

Key Topics

  • Analytics & Big Data
  • IT Infrastructure & Cloud
  • Data Management
  • Security and Privacy
  • Smart Connected Products

Be the Hero

As CIOs and IT professionals know, the demands on IT are — everyone wants solutions that are cost-effective, easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, and yield maximum productivity. It is imperative to keep up with the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies to meet the ever-evolving challenges associated with implementing new technologies.

LiveWorx delivers a valuable opportunity to explore new technologies and experience hands-on learning through breakout sessions, product demos, and training sessions.

Key Topics

  • IoT Strategies and Business Models
  • IT Infrastructure & Cloud
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Security & Privacy
  • Smart Connected Product Design
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Digital Factory

Get Connected

For business leaders and their teams seeking to consistently meet and exceed performance goals, it is imperative to identify and implement cutting-edge technologies and tools for their departments — and the enterprise — to be successful.

LiveWorx is the premier technology event for business leaders who want to capitalize on the latest trends and technologies to achieve operational excellence. Attendees across industries will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and identify new opportunities offered by advancements in IoT technology and solutions.

Key Topics

  • IoT Strategies & Business Models
  • IT Infrastructure
  • IoT for Startups
  • Smart Connected Product Design
  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Connected Service

Who else will be there?

These Roles

  • Analysts
  • Architects
  • Consultants
  • CXOs
  • Data Scientists
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Directors
  • Engineers
  • IT Administrators
  • Manufacturers
  • Marketers
  • Service Technicians
  • Systems Integrators

These Companies

Get Educated

LiveWorx offers a robust agenda that will showcase industry trends, emerging technologies, and business tactics. Enjoy a variety of learning formats to gain a better understanding of the impact IoT technology and solutions have across industries and geographies. Learn how to apply these insights in your own IoT strategy.

Key topics include

  • Improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs with powerful machine learning capabilities
  • Transforming the wealth of ever-growing IoT data into meaningful intelligence
  • Value of augmented reality for the enterprise
  • Deploying and managing IoT technology and devices
  • Security and privacy

IoT Training: Master the Skills

Invest in tailored training to fully immerse yourself in IoT software, maximize your technology ROI and keep your skills updated to stay ahead of the curve.

NOTE: Training is an additional fee. You must register or already be registered for LiveWorx to attend the training sessions below.


2 Day

IoT / ThingWorx

Full Day

IoT / ThingWorx

ThingWorx Fundamentals

This introductory course will teach you how to model, connect, analyze, and build Internet of Things applications using ThingWorx. The course introduces you to the ThingWorx Development Process as a framework for planning and designing an IoT solution, which you then apply to a business case in the training exercises. By the end of the course you will have a solid grasp of how to create an IoT application and an introductory skill set in IoT development with ThingWorx. This course is intended for all learners with no prerequisites or coding experience required.

Studio Fundamentals

Apply the Studio Development Process (SDP) to build an Augmented Reality (AR) experience using the Studio Suite of tools and applications. Learn best practices while gaining exposure to different development techniques. This course is provides an alternative to the half-day Rapid AR Development course available on Sunday by delivering more detail into the AR development process. It is intended for all learners with no prerequisites or coding experience required.

ThingWorx Platform Administration

Discover the deployment and database options that may be appropriate for your use case while learning how to install, monitor and administer the ThingWorx system. You will also learn the platform hardware and architecture required for an effective ThingWorx implementation. This course is intended for IT Administrators and requires the completion of ThingWorx Fundamentals or a fundamental knowledge of ThingWorx composer and IoT solution architecture.

IoT Modeling with ThingWorx

This course requires the completion of ThingWorx Fundamentals or a fundamental knowledge of ThingWorx composer and IoT solution architecture. This course focuses on architecture and tools used to model an IoT solution in ThingWorx. The course introduces you to the Modeling Framework, which provides guidance for planning and designing an IoT model that is effective and scalable. Using a business case, you apply the Modeling Framework to design and build the model for a sample IoT solution.

IoT Connectivity with ThingWorx

This course requires the completion of ThingWorx Fundamentals or a fundamental knowledge of ThingWorx composer and IoT solution architecture. This course is designed for embedded and edge developers or technologists who want to learn how to connect their devices and systems to ThingWorx. Using fundamental connectivity strategies for designing IoT solutions, you will learn how to set up connectivity agents using various software development tools while getting hands-on experience connecting your data sets to the ThingWorx platform.

Leveraging the ThingWorx Navigate Framework and ThingWorx Integration Technologies to Create Modular Custom Apps

Unleash the value of IoT by developing and extending modular role-based apps and integrations in ThingWorx Navigate. You will gain deep insight into various concepts such as Resource Modeling, Capabilities, Connectors, Resource Providers and Micro services while working through the process of configuring existing Resource Providers and Connectors and developing your own. This advanced course requires completion of Introduction to ThingWorx or a good knowledge of ThingWorx modeling.

2 Hour

IoT / ThingWorx

Connectivity Fundamentals


Determine the best connectivity technology for your own use case by examining the advantages and disadvantages of various methods of connecting remote devices to the ThingWorx platform. Explore the REST API to learn how REST API based devices communicate with the ThingWorx platform. This seminar is intended for all learners with no prerequisites or coding experience required.

Improving Access to Your Product Information using ThingWorx Navigate


Learn how ThingWorx Navigate apps enable users to quickly and easily access specific Windchill information. You will discover how ThingWorx Navigate apps simplify and improve access to Windchill data, such as design files, drawings, parts, bill of materials, and documents.  Additionally, you will learn how to configure miscellaneous preferences in ThingWorx Navigate apps to display various search filters in the user interface. This seminar is intended for Engineering and Manufacturing Program Managers and Data Management Administrators. Knowledge of Windchill PDMLink base functionality is beneficial, but not required.

Unlocking the Power of Big Data


Leverage the process results of Machine Learning to meet the challenges of big data and begin reaping its significant benefits. This seminar is intended for all learners with no prerequisites or coding experience required.

Half Day

IoT / ThingWorx

ThingWorx Crash Course

Learn how to quickly develop an IoT solution using a simple IoT development framework. Starting with identifying use case experiences, you will model your solution in the ThingWorx platform using basic property and service logic before connecting the platform to a data log that is expressed on a mashup.  We will also share some fundamental strategies for IOT business and demonstrate how ThingWorx fits in the IoT ecosystem. This course is intended for all learners with no prerequisites or coding experience required.

Rapid AR Development

Learn how to quickly build AR experiences for industry use cases using a simple framework designed to leverage existing CAD data and apply it to key operational areas such as sales and marketing, heavy equipment operation, and managing product design collaboration. Projects center on AR for mobile. By the end of the workshop you will have several references you can bring to your work and share with your colleagues. This course provides an excellent opportunity to prepare for the AR demonstrations, panels and discussions presented at the Conference. It is configured from the 1-day Studio Fundamentals course available on Wednesday and is intended for all learners with no prerequisites or coding experience required.

Introduction to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Kepware

If you've been curious about how 20-year old devices can communicate in the Industrial Internet of Things, this is the course for you! This interactive and hands-on course starts with an overview of traditional industrial control systems (ICS), the assets you find in this setting, and the traditional visual management systems that display your data using the ISA-95 Standard as a framework. You will get hands-on experience working with KEPServerEX and see how data is communicated between devices in ICS and visual management clients. Then, the course will dive into the benefits added by the Industrial Internet of Things. We will have a high-level discussion about asset management and study real-world examples of companies leveraging Industrial IoT. You will leave with hands-on experience using KEPServerEX to connect your field assets to ThingWorx. This course is intended for all learners with no prerequisites or coding experience required.

IoT App Development Workshop

This course requires the completion of ThingWorx Fundamentals or a fundamental knowledge of ThingWorx composer and IoT solution architecture. The physical and digital worlds are converging. Attend this workshop to get firsthand experience on building an IoT application from scratch. This workshop will help you strengthen the knowledge and skills you obtained from the ThingWorx Fundamentals course, with a subject matter expert guiding you through the IoT application development connect, model and build processes. You will get hands-on experience with Raspberry Pi, Sensors and the ThingWorx platform to build your first IoT application, along with working knowledge on building an AR experience with Studio.

Enter the Xtropolis

Xtropolis is the pulsating heart and hub of LiveWorx, an experience unto itself. Explore this “connected city,” packed full of the latest and greatest IoT technologies.

The Developer Zone

Engage with developers, technologists, and ThingWorx developers at the Genius Bar to share experiences and insights around technology, trends, and developer tools and solutions. ThingWorx engineers and experts will be on hand to provide deep-dive information about ThingWorx solutions, discuss challenges and opportunities, and answer questions.

Jaw Dropping Demos

Learn from over 100 exhibitors with interactive learning labs, amazing demos and mind-bending surprises. With everything from Augmented Reality experiences to robots on the Xtropolis floor, this will be an area you won’t want to miss!

The Marketplace

LiveWorx is a global Internet of Things ecosystem that helps companies build great businesses — opportunities for investment, partnership or acquisition. Whether you need a custom-built solution or have systems in place that you need to integrate with new technologies, you’ll find it all in one place.

The Added Experience

Don’t miss all the exciting extras and delight moments in Xtropolis, like the Drone Park with live drone races, the Wearables Shop where you can pick up your LiveWorx swag, and the exclusive VIP Lounge (for our 75 VIP Passholders only).

Become a Sponsor

LiveWorx represents a prime audience we can influence alongside key technology partners, resulting in vibrant engagements and strong pipeline.

Jason Lamon
, Fishbowl Solutions

Gain qualified leads and new customers with a LiveWorx Sponsorship. Your organization can educate, entertain and engage a captive audience of technologists through focused activations, product integrations, breakout sessions, private networking events and social media. Connect with 6000 in-person attendees and another 5,000 online who are looking for the latest technologies and solutions you offer. LiveWorx offers a range of sponsorship packages suitable for every budget, so secure your spot today!

Networking Activities

Welcome Reception

Let’s get “wicked fired-up” about the official LiveWorx kick-off reception. Learn about the history of the city, sing your heart out at Boston themed karaoke, and eat & drink a specifically crafted New England menu. Connect with fellow attendees as you help us celebrate the opening day of LiveWorx.

Industry Meet-ups

On Tuesday evening, join your LiveWorx peers at eight industry-specific events in the Seaport District with food, beverages, festivities and some education thrown in! Mix and mingle with other attendees from your industry who have common interests and are facing similar challenges.

IoT Mix @ 6

Wednesday night, join other techies at the Mix @ 6 party outside at the Lawn on D. Socialize with the best and brightest, enjoy complimentary refreshments and demo our product showcases. Come early for Boston celebrity sightings, including Julian Edelman from the New England Patriots!!

Partner Connection

LiveWorx presents a unique opportunity for partners in the growing IoT ecosystem to network and share ideas and insights with IoT experts and other partners. During the event, partners will also be recognized for outstanding contributions throughout the year.

Stay Connected

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