Adam Gąsiorek

Chief Technology Officer, Transition Technologies PSC sp. z o. o.

Adam is the Chief Technology Officer at Transition Technologies PSC. He leads experiments, research and implementation activities around Product Lifecycle Management, Augmented, Mixed and Assisted Reality, Internet of Things and Information Retrieval solutions supporting Industry 4.0 concepts.
Adam is a strong advocate of agile methodologies and the culture of innovation. He focuses on international cooperation with R&D teams towards smart & connected products and operations with multi-user collaborative virtual environments for industrial use-cases leveraging the concepts of Digital Twins. Adam is also in charge of participating in EU funded projects within H2020 program in ICT, FoF (Factories of the Future), LCE (Low Carbon Energy) work-streams.
Adam is a very knowledgeable person, full of passion and energy. He always commits completely to every engagement he undertakes while maintaining a pragmatic approach to implementing Augmented and Assisted Reality for the industry.

Session Track: AR/MR/VR

Wednesday, June 12 1:00 PM - 1:15 PM Future of Design Stage

AR490I - Increase Inspection Quality and Get Rid of Paperwork with Assisted Reality: Utility Case Study

Learn how ZARMEN - a company operating a coking plant in Poland can generate savings on pump inspections and other field operations thanks to hands-free support for front-line workers implemented on top of ThingWorx and RealWear HMT1. This presentation will also showcase how Transition Technologies PSC rapidly created Assisted Reality content with ThingWorx as a back-end for workforce management and ticketing and how we leveraged voice-control to deliver hands-free experience for real-time assistance and immediate process feedback/documentation on wearables devices that are compliant with intrinsically safety regulations. Implemented solution allows to track overall performance during field inspections process, each individual task and step and enables front-line worker to report an immediate feedback. This allows to improve data integrity, discover potential issues either with inspected assets or the procedure itself and reduce errors which contributed to asset downtime.

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