Aaron Allsbrook

Chief Technology Officer, ClearBlade

Aaron brings decades of application tooling development and runtime experience to the emerging technologies in the Internet of Things. Early on, Aaron engineered software at IBM building scalable performant platforms for developers to design, develop, and execute modern workloads. As a practitioner, Aaron began working in the field with enterprises to enable cutting edge solutions while leveraging existing technical assets. Today he provides a depth of expertise necessary to understand the challenges, opportunities and transitions required for large Enterprises to engage with the IoT.

Session Details

Wednesday, June 20 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM 107 ABC

s811 - Predictive Analytics & Industrial IoT for Manufacturing

This session covers benefits for manufacturers including best practices in terms of implementing Industrial IoT (#IIoT) from sensors through to cloud & how to leverage the resulting platform to achieve strategic business benefits (improved equipment availability, resource optimization, and better cost control) through the use of Predictive Analytics & Maintenance.

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