Talal Ali Ahmad

Co-founder & CEO, Proximie, Inc

It is my firm belief and mission that everyone should benefit from the same high quality of healthcare and training opportunities, no matter where they live. That is why, 3 years ago, I co-founded Proximie. With my 20 years of experience in the technology industry, developing and growing a variety of businesses, I have lead start-up companies from inception to becoming a leader in their industry. The core of my competency is creating and delivering complex and scalable technology infrastructures from scratch. That is what I intend to do with Proximie.

We use cutting-edge technology to deliver this vision through our live augmented reality product, it is simple to implement and intuitive and engaging to use. With teams throughout Europe, the US and the Middle East, we are transforming the practice and education for healthcare professionals all over the world.

Session Details

Monday, June 18 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM 204 B

s807 - The Power of Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Augmented reality (AR) offers powerful solutions to many healthcare challenges; breaking down barriers of time and distance to improve access and efficiency and train doctors in greater numbers through expert real-time collaboration to equip them with the very best, and most cutting-edge skills.

Patient demand for surgery is outstripping capacity. Here, in the US, it is reported that 100,000 extra surgeons will be needed by 2030 to keep up with procedures. Furthermore, centralization of services means experts are clustered in specialist centers, making it difficult for some patients to receive the best care.

Ensuring patients receive the best care, from the first time they are seen, is crucial to improving outcomes and reducing costs.

Augmented reality has the answer. If technology can give us the power to carry out procedures remotely where a surgical specialist does not have to be present in the room but can still impart his knowledge - then that is going to go a long way to help distribute the expertise we have more effectively.

Hear how AR technology is enabling specialists to virtually ‘scrub in’ over an internet connection, and use AR to make their presence felt in theatre, guiding, mentoring and demonstrating - over long distances and across multiple devices. Two people in remote locations can interact virtually in a way which mimics what they would experience if they were collaborating in the same room. It means one can physically show the other where to make an incision, or use gestures to illustrate a technique, rather than just talking about it.

Perhaps most powerfully, this innovative use of AR has been used to help boost cleft lip and palate corrections for children in Peru. Doctors in California have shared their expertise remotely with colleagues in Lima, allowing surgeons there to have direct assistance in learning the latest techniques, which ultimately are beneficial to their patients.

AR is also a valuable tool in enabling patients to undergo surgery or treatment at their local hospital instead of having to travel to a specialist center. This we have seen in the UK for the treatment of hand fractures and for cancer surgery.

Elsewhere, it is having a positive impact in surgery through the creation of 3-dimensional reconstructions of tumors, allowing surgeons to have x-ray views without any radiation exposure. And in nursing, it is being used to show where patients’ veins are to improve the number of intravenous injections occurring in the first stick.

By removing this problem of access to expertise through AR, we can open up specialist healthcare to more, and in many cases, we can provide safe access to surgery, which is not currently available for all. Any procedure, any specialism, any expert presents a viable learning opportunity, with no need to travel. A single procedure can be accessed by countless trainees, multiplying the development of skills many times over.

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