Andrew Berlin

Product Manager, Rize, Inc

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Wednesday, June 20 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM 207

s943 - Blockchain & The Future of Distributed Manufacturing

In the new digital economy, three questions would challenge enterprises, irrespective of their size and type:

1. Where in the value chain, internally and externally, are we paying the highest “trust tax” in terms of excess cost, effort or lack of agility?

2. Which types of partners, in what geographies and with what expertise, could we work with if transaction costs and efforts were lower?

3. Which information assets (e.g., manufacturing, maintenance, operational and usage data) about our products could we monetize if there were a secure way to do so?

Additive Manufacturing is a new, emerging technology to fabricate parts on demand. It can leverage speed and economies of scale if worked in conjugation with Digital Manufacturing – a practice built on decentralized & geographically dispersed network of manufacturing facilities. Cognizant has been piloting unique ways of bring Additive and Distributive manufacturing together by building parts and components leveraging Blockchain platforms.

See and learn how this unique combination of technology breakthroughs now allow you to create a frictionless connection between the digital twin of the part and physical part through an immutable digital thread. This is enabled through voxel level control of 3D printing which allows for printing markers inside the part which can be manufactured globally on-demand. Markers enable digital product memories. An example of a marker is a QR code. This enables you to close the loop and enable the physical part to be digitally connected at all times to the model and all the part attributes – serial number, author, material etc.. Further, it enables the use of AR/VR technologies to digitally augment the parts. These new parts are called Digitally Augmented parts.

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