Andrew Hall

Head of Marketing, Dragon Innovation

Possessing an expansive knowledge in digital marketing, focusing on grassroots community building and social media, resulting in overall brand growth. Specializing in content creation strategy and Inbound Marketing Techniques to increase brand awareness and qualified leads.

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How democratized the manufacturing and design process has become in the consumer electronics and IoT space.

Session Track: Digital Engineering

Monday, June 10 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM 204B

DEC729B - How to Use the Manufacturing Triangle (Cost, Quality and Schedule) to Understand the Impact of Design Decisions on Downstream Manufacturing in the Modern Age

An idea for a product is one thing. Execution of that product is quite another. Learn from an expert’s hard-won experience how to get yourself or your client to market with quality, on time and on budget. Join CEO/Co-Founder of Dragon Innovation and former leading team member of the Roomba at iRobot, Scott N. Miller, who has seen every step of the process in manufacturing and design. He understands that it's a team sport between designers and manufacturers, and that early decisions cast long shadows. When a beautiful product is designed but doesn't reach the mass market potential it hopes for, it’s as if it doesn’t exist.

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