Anna Fuste

Senior Innovation Engineer, PTC

Anna Fuste is a Senior Innovation Engineer at the PTC Reality Lab. She has been exploring tangible interaction in Augmented Reality environments and is currently working on concepts related to motion in robotic systems controlled in AR. Prior to PTC, Anna worked at the Google Creative Lab where she helped with the release of the Google AR Experiments platform and at Cinimod Studio in London, where she developed interactive digital artworks presented at well-known worldwide art fairs. She is an MIT Media Lab graduate. As a research assistant at MIT her research focused on trying to break the digital duality between the physical world and the digital world always considering the user as the center of the interaction. She developed projects involving Augmented Reality, learning, data visualization, tangible and social interaction.

Session Track: AR/MR/VR

Tuesday, June 11 1:00 PM - 1:15 PM PTC Reality Lab

AR976I - Kinetic AR: Motion Control Using Augmented Reality Interfaces

Augmented Reality allows us to visualize & control what is invisible to the naked eye. Using AR interfaces, motion paths & zones for co-bots in the factory can become visible. We present a system to control motion of an MIR100 Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) in AR using only a smartphone. By performing spatial mapping with a smartphone, we are able to synchronize the environment recognized by the phone & the AGV. This allows for a seamless interaction where the user can control the motion of the AGV without any further technical requirements than a mobile phone. The user can visualize the path planning for the robot and the motion of the AGV along the path in real-time in AR. The synchronization of both environments allows for a usable manipulation where the AGV is aware of the position of the phone at all times. We envision this technology as a possible low technological entry barrier for controlling AGVs in manufacturing.

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