Anthony Bayerl

Marketing Manager, EAC Product Development Solutions

About Anthony

Name: Anthony Bayerl
Title: Marketing Manager
Company: EAC Product Development Solutions

Anthony Bayerl is a tall order of creative with a heaping side of left-brain organization and structure. he excels at understanding goals and current initiatives, the systems in place to meet said goals, and acting within (or around) those systems in creative ways to achieve goals and exceed expectations. Anthony enjoys design, figuring out systems, helping good people do great things, beer, motorcycles, and family. The principles that guide his life are loyalty, friendship, and integrity. 

Session Details

Monday, May 22 6:15 pm – 6:30 pm

Using Navigate to Enable Enterprise Collaboration

Barriers between departments, different systems, various data streams, and reports can stifle a company's productivity. Throwing things over the wall is rarely the best solution. We'll talk about how current technology can bring your organization together and give people the information they need in a format that suits their needs regardless of department or data source.

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