Antony Coufal

Chief Technical Officer, IIoT-Oxys Corp.

Tony is a multicultural leader with strong business acumen and diverse technical skills who has 20+ years of experience launching several successful technology focused corporations serving government, Fortune 500, and global entities requiring innovative solutions in engineering, construction, intelligent security, IT & telecom, industrial electrical and HVAC in numerous US and LATAM markets.

He is a graduate of Renssaelear Polytechnic Institute with degrees in Engineering Sciences and Business Administration.

Tony currently serves as CTO of IIoT-Oxys Corp and President of it's subsidiary, HereLab.io. Tony is also a Partner in the healthcare technology incubator Cambridge MedSpace.

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In manufacturing operations for biotech, pharma and medtech, large specialized machinery is commonplace.

IIOT-OXYS INC. is now working with clients globally using our minimally invasive load monitoring tools with AI and ML algorithms to detect anomalies before they cause downtime.

Session Track: IIoT for Products & Service

Wednesday, June 12 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM 210B

CP87B - Edge 2.0: Next Generation IIoT Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Today, collecting and monitoring sensor data is no longer enough to have highly efficient operations or meet advanced methodologies like Industry 4.0. To achieve these goals, larger and more specific data must be collected and analyzed with advanced methods like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Across all industries, Edge 2.0 is starting to provide actionable, mission critical insights including Failure Predictors, Intelligent Maintenance, Process Optimization, and Logistical Planning to name a few. And, looking forward, we expect to see more development of domain and process-specific AI, refinement of highly efficient algorithms and the introduction of faster purpose-specific hardware. This will result in more of a shift towards data collection and analysis on the edge as well as more in-depth insights generated faster. Attend this session to hear about the current and future state of ML and AI.

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