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Ayush Tiwari

Sr. IoT Product Manager, PTC

Ayush Tiwari is a Sr. IoT product manager currently leading the containerization and storage strategy for the Thingworx IIoT platform. With an entrepreneurial mindset, his main area of focus at PTC is to deliver the next generation of the ThingWorx platform to support higher scalability while maintaining ease of use and deployment. Ayush holds an engineering degree from the University of Mumbai and an MBA from Babson College in Massachusetts. He can be reached at or through LinkedIn.

Session Track: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Tuesday, June 9 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM LiveWorx On-Demand Library

IP1117B - Active-Active Clustering with ThingWorx 9.0

In this session, you'll learn about a key ThingWorx 9.0 feature: Active Active clustering. Learn how to configure the ThingWorx platform in Active-Active cluster mode to avoid single points of failure and achieve high availability of IT systems and applications. Discover how to horizontally scale from one to many ThingWorx servers, and how to run applications anywhere (including a public cloud, private datacenter, on-premise, hybrid, on BareMetal and laptops) depending on your business and data sovereignty and security needs. Unlock the power of Active-Active clustering on ThingWorx to make all your IIoT applications enterprise-grade with high availability, scalability and flexibility.

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