Brian Geisel

CEO, Geisel Software, Inc.

Brian Geisel is the CEO of Geisel Software, a leading Internet of Things development company that focuses on Embedded, Web and Mobile Software. By working with some of the most innovative hardware, software and security companies, Brian has quietly influenced the design decisions in many of the devices hitting the market today.

A former radio host, Brian thrives on delivering relevant, powerful messages to audiences everywhere. With his diverse technical background and aptitude for speaking, he is known for his ability to simplify complex topics and present them in a way that is insightful, potent, and easily understood. He regularly speaks on a wide range of topics from SaaS to Internet of Medical Things to Security.

Geisel is also a prolific blogger and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Bloomberg Business, BBC, Forbes, Minyanville.com, and other major outlets.

Session Track: IIoT for Products & Service

Wednesday, June 12 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM 104ABC

CP68B - End-to-End IoT Security: A Safer Internet of Things

Today, it seems everyone is talking about security in the IoT. As the diversity and number of IoT devices continue to increase, the threats to IoT systems are changing and growing even faster. For security to be effective, you're going to need real, practical end-to-end solutions to protect your devices and network. In this session, the presenter will discuss common security pitfalls in the Internet of Things and how to protect your entire IoT environment from end-to-end. Specifically the presentation will focus on security myths: understanding the risks, how to protect your IoT network against infiltration, defending your web services in the cloud, architecting "security from the start", and keeping the fleet safe, now and forever.

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