Chris Baker

Engineering Manager, HNI

I joined the HNI Corporation in 2007 and have held varies product development and management roles for HNI and its operating companies. As HNI began its journey to improve our PDM/PLM systems in 2016, I took on a role of engineering manager for the SPDM team with the direction of developing and guiding HNI's strategic vision in this area, managing our development team, and working with other key business unit on HNI's enterprise wide strategy.

Tell Us Something Interesting:

I am excited to see where HNI will be in the next few years. In my current role, I have had the opportunity to help set the vision for our product domain, but as the business explores opportunities in other areas I am excited to see the foundation we have built at work.

Session Track: Digital Engineering

Wednesday, June 12 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM 210B

DEP25B - 3 Project Pillars of HNI's Digital Journey

In 2016, HNI started their Strategic Product Data Management (SPDM) project to help drive their digital transformation journey. While this was the start of the project, it came about after years of internal discussions and limited action. This presentation will be a high-level overview of the project at HNI and will review the three main project pillars (Digital Items, Change Management, and Product Architecture). In addition, this presentation will cover why these areas were HNI's choice for the foundation of their digital journey and why they have used a "Project Sliver" approach with quick sprints to spin up the project.

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