Chris Bowler

Director of Sales & Marketing, Connected Products, Otis

Chris Bowler, Director of Sales & Marketing, Connected Products. Chris has over 28 years of sales & marketing experience with Otis and GE, helping to drive business strategy and revenue growth initiatives. In his current role, Chris is responsible for the commercial roll-out of Otis’ connected product portfolio to our global service customers. This includes the recently launched Otis ONE IoT platform that is helping to personalize the service experience by providing transparent information, proactive communications and predictive insights.

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Tuesday, June 19 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM 104 ABC

s972 - Strategic Partnerships Drive Real World Digital Transformation

OTIS elevators and L&T have a 360-degree relationship. L&T, a large construction conglomerate, is a buyer of OTIS elevators & escalators for buildings, factories, and projects like Metro Rail. L&T Infotech also provides a wide variety of services to OTIS for IT and Industrial IoT applications. L&T itself has committed significant investments of money into the digital transformation of its construction business through IoT. This in-house experience makes L&T Infotech well equipped to offer real-world solutions to global manufacturing companies to drive value realization through IoT.

Otis has been pursuing an “aggressive digital transformation,” to develop technology that gives service technicians and sales teams real-time equipment data to predict, monitor and respond to how an elevator operates. LTI has partnered with OTIS to build and deliver the Otis ONE suite of solutions. The value realization from such strategic partnerships is boosted where both the partners stand to benefit from using each other’s products, domain experience and capabilities. There are 2 case studies we present to bring out how both companies derive value from IoT. Case 1: The objective of this initiative is to leverage IoT and Analytics to amplify business outcomes for L&T’s construction business – applied to operations that utilize man, machine, and material which positively impact costs, productivity, efficiency and project execution times. Case 2: Otis elevator has embarked on a journey of enabling IoT on all the elevators and escalators that are being produced and serviced in the market. This solution branded as “Otis ONE” intends to make the organization more proactive in terms of approaching the customers and treatment of the passenger. Leveraging IoT and analytics to become more predictive is another tenet of this solution. Lastly, Otis wants to establish transparency for their customers and provide real-time and accurate information about their assets.

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