Cyra Richardson

General Manager IoT, Microsoft

Cyra Richardson is General Manager for Business Development for Microsoft’s cross-company initiative on the Internet of Things (IoT) an Artificial Intelligence (AI). Her ecosystem team focuses on delivering solutions and partnerships to accelerate IoT solutions for our customers. The AI team focuses on delivering solutions and partnerships to democratize augmenting human intelligence. Cyra has enjoyed a long productive career in the industry. She started working at a market research startup in Philadelphia the fledgling IBM PC to cross-tabulate large data sets at 14 years old. She interned at RCA/GE and the Library of Congress. Cyra specialized in data analysis and embedded systems at Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania. At the National Board of Medical examiners, Cyra built an embedded system to assess physicians for licensure. Avery international leaned on Cyra’s development skills to write firmware for industrial printers. In 1990 Cyra joined Microsoft as a developer. During her tenure, she led several projects on Microsoft Windows CE embedded operating system and development tools including Platform Builder. She’s parted with Microsoft from time to time to run her own startups. In 2010, Amazon recruited Cyra to run their Mobile Web Shopping experience. In 2013, Cyra rejoined as the Group Program Manager for the three Windows 10 IoT editions and she was an engineering lead for what became Azure IoT Suite.

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Wednesday, May 24 8:00 am – 9:00 am

Multidisciplinary Approach to Accelerating IoT Solution Development

The main goal of an IoT solution is to simplify, accelerate and reduce risk in bringing a product to market. It takes a community to build and operate an IoT solution. Companies engage in building an IoT solution to reduce service costs. Companies also engage in building IoT solutions to reduce manufacturing costs and facilitate design iterations. Building a robust IoT solution is a multi-party engagement. One such engagement is between PTC and Microsoft. By building a joint IoT solution, PTC and Microsoft can add customer value and deepen customer engagement.

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Wednesday, May 24 11:15 am – 12:00 pm

Deep Dive into Multidisciplinary Approach to Accelerating IoT Solution Development

Today customers face challenges in the Product Development Cycle of engineering, manufacturing, service and customer support. These challenges become existential, when other companies bring connected products to market that use operational data to develop deep insight about customer use patterns and support costs. Microsoft and PTC simplify the creation of digital products by integrating Thingworx and Microsoft products to add customer value by transforming their products and workforce to achieve tighter integration with their Business

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