Dan Cotting

Director of Emerging Technology, Shockoe

Dan Cotting leads Shockoe’s Emerging Technology practice, with a current focus on AR/MR, VR, Voice, AI, and ML. Shockoe’s R&D initiatives aim to determine which technologies will offer the greatest benefits to companies and consumers, and how companies can strategically implement these new technologies into their existing operations. Dan’s experience with clients such as Lexus, JB Hunt, Arrow Electronics, WestRock, and Newport News Shipbuilding has helped shape his beliefs that these emerging technologies are poised to usher in an entirely new approach to business operations—improving the lives of both employees and consumers while simultaneously increasing business efficiency and productivity. He holds an M.S. from Virginia Commonwealth University and a B.S. from Boston University.

Session Track: AR/MR/VR

Monday, June 10 9:35 AM - 9:55 AM 258AB

AR112 - Conquer Adoption Anxiety and Deliver a Rapid Return on Enterprise XR (keynote)

Many organizations tread lightly, if at all, into XR due to the perceived maturity and expense of the technology. However, many organizations see significant returns from modest XR investments that deliver incremental business process improvements. The common thread in these results? A strong XR strategy with well-defined success criteria that uses existing internal infrastructures and cloud computing. Attendees will gain insight into the following:

- Leveraging Existing Systems - It takes more than an end-user device to implement emerging technology. Understand how to tie-in to your existing service layer to compound benefits and reduce the long term investment.

- Deploying for a Shifting Workforce - Delivering on the promise of emerging technology can be complicated with an aging workforce. By leveraging internal “evangelists”, organizations can facilitate user adoption, and minimize training costs.

**This session is part of the VRARA Enterprise Summit. If you wish to attend this session, please register for the co-located event during the registration process or by logging back into your registration path and adding it to your existing package.**

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