Dave Bennett

VP of Sales, RevTwo

Dave is the VP of Sales for RevTwo, the first AI support solution designed to dramatically reduce support and service triage time for complex product issues. Dave has been helping companies utilize IoT solutions for 18 years. He helped Axeda to establish themselves as the market leader in IoT Platforms which led to them being acquired by PTC in 2014. Subsequently, Dave helped build IoT programs at Oracle and Wind River/Intel prior to joining RevTwo. Dave has his own IoT blog and also blogs for RevTwo.

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AR provides a digital environment to enhance the user’s physical experience. However, it needs a human to merge those experiences and create an analysis. RevTwo makes a machine learning/AI analysis available within the AR environment, enhancing the operator's ability to gain situational awareness.

Session Track: Service Transformation

Wednesday, June 12 10:45 AM - 11:00 AM SILENT STAGE

ST689I - Solve Complex Product Issues using Artificial Intelligence Integrated with AR. Dramatically Reduce Problem Triage and Resolution Time.

What if your customers could accurately resolve more issues without you having to send service engineers onsite? Would it improve your service/support efficiencies if your least experienced service engineer had the same expertise as your most experienced engineer? Are you sending log files using USB sticks today? What if there was a more secure way to send these log files? What if you could automate interpreting them?

RevTwo has developed an AI technology that uses live product data and returns a root cause identification and a solution within seconds. Our technology does not rely on NLP or linguistics. Now customers can fix more issues themselves. If they can’t fix them, your service engineers or support agents can resolve them faster and more accurately. Come learn about how AI is being used as the latest innovation in improving field service and support!

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