Deidre Diamond

Founder and CEO, CyberSN

Deidre Diamond is the Founder and CEO of CyberSN.com, a cybersecurity research and staffing company, and Founder of brainbabe.org, a cybersecurity not-for-profit organization. Deidre’s vision and leadership has resulted in a dramatic decrease in the frustration, time and cost associated with job searching and hiring for cybersecurity professionals. Prior to CyberSN, Deidre was the CEO of Percussion Software, the first VP of Sales at Rapid7 (NYSE:RPD) and the VP of Staffing and Recruiting for the national technical staffing company Motion Recruitment. Deidre leads with a strong commitment to transparency, equality, training, support, high-productivity and love in the workforce.

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This summer, CyberSN will debut our covert job match and search platform KnoWmore. Stay tuned for more info and drop dates!

Session Track: Life Sciences

Tuesday, June 11 4:30 PM - 4:45 PM Cyber Safety Village

CY740I - Acquiring and Retaining Cybersecurity Talent: A Proven Model

Workforce development is reliant on the combination of a subject-matter common language framework of projects and tasks. Job descriptions are then derived from this same framework of subject-matter project and tasks definition. A career development plan based on standardized projects and tasks; along with a culture that allows for psychological safety; will allow you to acquire and retain talent. When we combine daily processes of business operations derived from a subject-matter common language, in which all teammates know their role and the roles of others on the team (along with a culture that allows humans to think, feel and perceive without negative consequences) we can truly experience workforce development in any subject-matter profession. Hear how to achieve this success in cybersecurity. Between our technology and our theories, we are showing that organizations can obtain cybersecurity talent in less than 60 days and retain them.

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Session Track: innovationWomenPopUp

Tuesday, June 11 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM 253B

IW431 - STEM Leaders: Encouraging Diversity & Nurturing Talent

This session will be composed of one presentation and one panel.

From College to Career – Empowering Women for STEM:
Higher Education is responsible for equipping students with knowledge and competencies to be successful in their chosen careers. Designing experiences for students; young women to fully engage in STEM activities requires intentionality and innovation. To increase EQUITY in the world of STEM, the pipeline must be filled with empowered women. This talk will discuss evidence-based strategies for promoting experiential education to build a cadre of women ready to take on STEM. Other features of the talk are on career readiness skills, empowerment, and inclusive excellence.

Encouraging the Next Generation of STEM Leaders (Panel):
How do we increase the number of women in the STEM pipeline, and inspire the next generation of leaders? During this session, panelists will address how they encourage other women (and girls) and support women in the STEM industry.

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