Dirk Frese

VP of Sales, Marketing & Service, JULABO USA

Dirk Frese, Ph.D., uses his passion for science, sales and communication to help organizations and employees thrive. Dr. Frese is a scientist and a sales leader with an uncanny ability to demystify complex ideas, information and processes. He applies his experience as a scientist and his interests in sales, marketing and communication to make complex information accessible and exciting for others. His enthusiasm for what’s possible, in science and business, makes him an inspirational and effective leader for technical, sales-driven organizations.

Currently, Frese leads sales, marketing and service for JULABO USA, Inc., founded in 1993 and headquartered in Allentown, Pa. JULABO is an international company with global headquarters in Seelbach, Germany and operations in 11 other countries. The company is a leading expert in temperature control products used in laboratories, research centers, manufacturing and industry. The company’s fusionchef by JULABO division supplies temperature control products to commercial kitchens. Frese also serves as the Executive Director of WISDOM (Women in Science Demonstrating Outstanding Merits), a nonprofit organization founded by JULABO in 2016 to help empower, support and mentor women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Frese was born in Berlin, Germany and received a Master of Science in chemistry and a doctorate in natural sciences and biochemistry from the Technical University of Berlin. He specializes in chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, micro-technology and has worked internationally with companies that include CIBA-Geigy Pharmaceuticals, E. Merck, Bio Tek Instruments and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Tell Us Something Interesting:

JULABO USA recently announced a partnership with Atheer to bring augmented reality to field service. AR will enable our field service technicians to work more efficiently and potentially remotely, ultimately reducing downtimes and improving quality and customer assurance.

Session Track: AR/MR/VR

Monday, June 10 2:50 PM - 3:15 PM 258AB

AR715 - The Year of Adoption: Why Enterprises are Adopting VR and AR This Year – and What it Will Take to Accelerate that Development (Panel)

This panel of industry experts and customers will explore where VR and AR are getting the most traction in industry right now, how the market has evolved over the last couple of years, and how the enterprises that are adopting AR and VR look at ROI. We’ll also use this as an opportunity to point attendees to the latest 2019 VR/AR Enterprise Report, some of its observations and conclusions and explore how all enterprises implementing VR and AR right now have a unique opportunity to make a strong contribution to the development of our young industry.

**This session is part of the VRARA Enterprise Summit. If you wish to attend this session, please register for the co-located event during the registration process or by logging back into your registration path and adding it to your existing package.**

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