Donna Ceriani

Leadership Success Coach, Success Compass

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Session Track: innovationWomenPopUp

Tuesday, June 11 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM 253B

IW417 - Creating a Personal Brand to Advocate for Yourself

This session will be composed of one presentation and one panel.
Salary Negotiation & Self Advocacy (Presentation)
In order to break through glass ceilings you must be ready and willing to ask for what you want at work. Negotiation skills are leadership skills and will serve you well throughout your career. Whether you're negotiating a new job offer, a promotion, or for more responsibility, this session will give you the tools to:
• Get clear about what you want and what you're worth
• Make your ask - the language you need to sound confident, professional, and open
• Respond curiously to "yes", "no", or "maybe"

Personal Brand: Redefining Perceptions
More often than not, people develop their own perception of us, however inaccurate they may be. In this panel, we will hear from the experiences of panelists and explore tactics on rebranding yourself in the workplace, and how this can lead to greater business results.

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