Dr. Byron Clayton

CEO, Advanced Robotics Manufacturing (ARM) Institute

Dr. Byron Clayton is the CEO of the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute. Founded at Carnegie Mellon University in January 2017 and now operating as an independent non-profit, ARM is a national, membership-based consortium dedicated to asserting U.S. leadership in manufacturing by accelerating the commercialization of innovative robotic technologies and empowering American workers to obtain advanced manufacturing jobs. By lowering economic, technical, and operational barriers, ARM and its members help manufacturing enterprises of all sizes adopt robotic solutions and hire a labor force prepared to work collaboratively with robots. Prior to his appointment as ARM CEO in January 2018, Dr. Clayton served as the President and CEO of Research Park Corporation, an economic development organization serving Baton Rouge. Dr. Clayton previously led regional innovation clusters while based in Northeast Ohio and has more than 25 years of experience developing, commercializing, and implementing advanced manufacturing systems and software.

Session Details

Tuesday, June 19 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM 156 ABC (Robotics & AI Summit)

s824 - Panel Discussion: Reprogramming Today’s Workforce for Tomorrow’s Technologies- Impact on Public-Private Partnerships

According to a report by the United Nations last year, nearly one-third of all jobs in first-world countries will be lost to robots and AI in the next 15 years. Even if the report is overly pessimistic, there is no doubt that millions, if not billions, of people, will be affected by automation. Hourly workers in fast food, retail, livery, and shipping are already in the crosshairs. As technology innovators, the panelists will discuss the elephant in the room -- the ethical and policy dilemma of automation and unemployment. They will showcase ways to reduce the friction of technology deployment and demonstrate how collaborative approaches can produce an abundance of opportunities for the US. The industry visionaries will explain the following:

- The importance of shared responsibility in response to public concerns.
- Why the public and private sectors must work in unison to train tomorrow's workforce.
- How to create an infrastructure to educate tomorrow's workforce
- Addressing critical technology gaps to ensure automation and business processes are collaborative and the future is built by robots but directed by humans.

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