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Elizabeth Bieniek

Director of Innovation, Cisco Collaboration, Cisco

Elizabeth Bieniek leads bleeding edge innovation exploration for Cisco's Collaboration organization, a 5000 person, multi-billion dollar business that serves over 300M people globally with the Webex portfolio. Cisco Collaboration builds the software that teams use every day for essential communications—messaging, meetings, and calling—as well as AI/ML enriched hardware including over 100M phones, and video devices for meetings of all sizes across the globe. Elizabeth is an active day dreamer, continually experimenting with combinations of ideas, people, and practices to find new ways of doing old things better, easier, and with a lot more fun. She focuses on the interface of people and emerging technology and how to make the lives of the former happier by efficiently and invisibly applying the latter. A problem-solver at heart, Elizabeth believes “impossible” just means no one’s done it yet. She relies on her previous experience in industries as varied as technology, art, publishing and education, as well as life and travel experience, to bring a unique flair to challenging conventional thinking and inspiring teams to achieve unprecedented results.

Session Track: Emerging Tech

Tuesday, June 9 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM LiveWorx OnDemand

ET1291B - Why You've Got it All Wrong: The Human Connection

There's a fundamental flaw with the reasoning that computer vision (CV), machine learning (ML), and AI will revolutionize how humans communicate. And it has to do with the word "human." While human-to-AI interaction will change drastically as technology evolves, human-to-human interaction will emerge as the single limiting factor to revolutions in how humans communicate and do business with each other.

There are certain tenets of human interaction such as body language, gestures, eye contact, involuntary reaction to micro-expressions, the ability to establish trust, and more that have remained impressively constant through the onslaught of technological advancements. Yet, despite the overwhelming importance of this single criteria, human behavior often takes a backseat to the technology itself.

This session will explore these unwavering interaction tenets, and what user behavior shifts we can realistically expect to see over the next 5-10 years as CV, ML and AI take the limelight in communication advancements.

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