Eric Bantegnie


About Eric

Name: Eric Bantegnie
Title: VP & GM, SBU
Company: ANSYS

Eric Bantegnie is the Vice President and GM of the Systems Business Unit at ANSYS, Inc. since 2012  Prior to joining ANSYS, Mr. Bantegnie co-founded Esterel Technologies in 2000 (now part of ANSYS) and served as its President & CEO.   In parallel, Mr. Bantegnie was also President and CEO of Simulog, a high-tech software and services company of 180-people specialized in the high-tech industries (telecom, electronics, aerospace and automotive) for simulation, product data management, and object, database and web technologies-based projects.

Session Details

Thursday, May 25 10:30 am – 11:15 am

Connecting Engineering Simulation to an Industrial IoT Platform

Attend this presentation to learn how the combination of the Industrial Internal Of Things (IIoT) data analytics methods combined with the power of system simulation can greatly improve industrial assets management throughout the Product Life Cycle. The presenters will address this through the concepts of Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) and Digital Twin. The Digital Twin concept is detailed and illustrated with all its uses from design to test and operations. A generic Industrial IOT architecture providing “simulation as a service” is presented and illustrated through several industrial examples while demonstrating the benefits of the approach in terms of predictive and prescriptive maintenance, asset management and product optimization.

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