Flavio Devide

CTO IoT and OEM Edge, Dell Technologies

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Session Track: PTC Product Day

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PD1527B - Beyond the PoC: 4 Rules for a Scalable, Repeatable IIoT Infrastructure

Most IIoT and digital transformation initiatives for today’s manufacturers do not get past the proof-of-concept stage. This is typically due to the “accidental architecture” that develops in plants that is unable to support and scale the solution. Following these four rules for a repeatable and scalable IIoT infrastructure will help eliminate the bottleneck and pave the way to a next-generation, future-proof smart factory.

1. Distributed Edge Compute is a requirement for extracting, reducing, and analyzing data locally and to run AR/VR workloads on the plant floor
2. Software Defined Compute, Connectivity and Networking is essential to easily share data between OT and IT systems - “firewall everything” is no longer practical.
3. Embrace Choice - standard components and open architectures enable a common infrastructure design to accelerate IIoT deployments at scale, across the globe.
4. A Modern Storage Infrastructure is Critical as workloads like video, analytics, AI/ML, and AR/VR all require increasing data volumes.

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