Gary DeForest

CEO, D4 Development LLC

I have been working with Windchill/PDM tools for nearly 12 years. I've been fortunate enough to work with several different companies in the private and public sector and have seen a lot when it comes to Windchill. Most recently I started my own Development/Consulting company that specializes in Windchill/PDM and am very excited about where the industry is headed.

Tell Us Something Interesting:

DevOps seems to be catching a lot of popularity and is one area of any project that I get excited about. The sheer amount time and errors that can be mitigated by doing DevOps the right way makes it a no brainer.

Session Track: Digital Engineering

Wednesday, June 12 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM 102AB

DEP49CU - Customize This: Mashups For The Enterprise

With over 2,000 daily active users on their Windchill system, Raytheon has all types of users. From daily users in Engineering, users in Operations looking for change status, to external customers across the globe, navigating through Windchill may be a little overwhelming for the once a week to once a month user. Learn from the architecture, deployment/ development, and business team on Raytheon's large deployment of ThingWorx Navigate to hear about the custom views their users were looking for that were built on top of ThingWorx Navigate. Hear how the team was able to enhance the adoption and usage of a common PDM tool with ThingWorx Navigate.

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